Give examples of occasions where you have exhibited “profound curiosity” about your friends. What made your curiosity profane?

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      A couple who pursue healing ministry, and are certainly keen to serve. I am curious to know what is churning within them, and at the same time there was ‘an interaction pull’ to question to their methodology and lead them back to the ‘original’ vision.

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      I can think of various examples where I exhibited profound curiosity about friends. One in particular stands out, when a friend acknowledged to me that she was gay, and I feel like I was able to have a sacred curiosity about what she told me. But I think that as time went on I went into “fixit mode” and tried to discover what could be wrong in her soul that had led her to think that living a homosexual lifestyle would bring her satisfaction in life. My curiosity became centered more on what was wrong, rather than what God wanted to do in her. Also, I think that I felt somewhat superior because I wasn’t struggling with this same sin, and forgot that my heart has a tendency to wander far away from God as much as hers does.

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      I don’t know about profane curiosity, but the lesson talked about sacred curiosity and how it awakens the hungry soul in another to want to be explored. There are times when I have wanted to know more about my friends to better understand where they are coming from, but I don’t think I’ve had a lot of examples of sacred curiosity.

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      As a woman in a position of leadership on staff at a church I would give advice rather than approach women in a position of purity of gentleness. At times I was too direct, rather than humble and self aware, I am certain I exhibited a spirit of curiosity. God have mercy!

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