Give illustrations of ways in which specific styles of foolishness were learned in your early years.

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      I am not able to recall any childhood memories from age 1 to 5. The memories I can vaguely recollect is my time in kindergartens.
      Probably the only ‘trauma’ is being asked to squat with some of the other children by a classmate, whilst we waited for the school bus.
      What did I learnt? Perhaps, the need to stand up for myself and others in my latter years.

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      sorry can’t remember too much of 2 to 5 era but sure I would have been naively foolish and demanding things and feelings that satisfied me.
      As a 6 plus child I was extremely shy and my parents were my absolute world and security. I remember being shaken to the core one night when I lay awake and heard them argue. I had expected never to see or hear any imperfections in them

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      Naive Pastors Kid, everyone paid attention to you, were out front all the time
      Learned: Behaved and listened would be allowed to do extra things, doing things not accepted would be met with chore or punishment so did not do.
      Practiced: I think i just did not rock the boat one way or the other and did what was asked, because i did not cause issues was let to do what i wanted generally.

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      Naïve foolishness: I grew up being told my mom felt ” a girl after 2 boys at Christmastime….”JOY”.I knew I was celebrated.

      Learned foolishness: This was a very stressful time at home and I learned very early if I wanted things to be ok, don’t make dad mad. K have a few memories of playing with my brothers in the snow and that seemed to be happy.

      Practiced foolishness: An unpredictable and chaotic time. I learned that at home doing what you were expected to do and staying under the radar at home was the most peaceful. I accepted Christ as my Savior at 7 years old. I learned that the kindness of others was a breath of fresh air. At home I was alone alot. Also there is much I do not remember. I need to think on this more.

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