God through the Bible has in His kindness given us a wonderful, delightful blend of what human beings are. How does this mirror improve our understanding of and confidence in God?

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      This mirror improves my understanding of how intimately God knows me. He is near. I don’t understand how He can be near to all and not just me, but I trust that He is.

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      Allan l.

      The scriptures have clearly described to me my nature and made me wonder how it knows this. Surely God is in them and shown me …” me”.

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      It shows us how we truly are, but also shows us who we could become. How God loves us and wants us to experience so much more

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      God alone is Holy. The Bible tells us ‘we are loved with an everlasting love’. His love never changes for His sheep. He reserves no condemnation for those who belong to Him.
      He became like us to rescue us. He holds nothing back.

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      We can see that God is 100% honest to us. He shows us, “the good, the bad and the ugly.” He reminds us of both the strengths and weaknesses of those great leaders in the Bible. We are inspired by their ups, and challenged by their downs. We know that God is able to raise us up to higher grounds if and only if, we place our trust in Him, and act according to his precepts.

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      Anne Holder

      This mirrors and improves our understanding, because we know that God created us in his perfect image. We know this through our teachings, faith, and of course what we learn from his word in the Bible. I feel that I lack a perfect or complete answer for this question, as I just know the word enhances my walk.

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      Our Daily Bread
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