Have you dealt with toxic people (in either your professional or personal life)? What obstacles have you faced in dealing with toxic people, and how have you overcome (or failed to overcome) them? What might you do differently after viewing this lecture?

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      I have dealt with toxic people in my personal life and I show them what to do and they learn from me showing them what to do.

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      In ministry unfortunately, we have had to deal with this on numerous occasions and as a result, it has affected the church and at one time caused a divide. We are rebounding back from it but it has taken some years. The kids pastor uniting others to get rid of the Senior Pastor, other members thinking that they should be the Pastor’s and trying to undermine church authority. What I have learned in this course to no longer delay with dealing with fools and toxic people.

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      I have plenty of times. Breaking down clear rules and having them sign a plan of action is going to be a great resource to add

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