Have you told others about Christ in the past? If so, what role did listening and dialogue play in the interaction? In the future, how might you use these techniques even more effectively?

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      Yes. Listening is very important to any conversation, it conveys respect and allows for conversation. I let scripture do the talking for me, all things are based back to scripture, I just try to help them understand.

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      As someone in sports ministry, I am constantly telling people about Christ. We lead kids to Christ by sharing four simple steps to the Gospel. God loves you, sin separates you, Jesus saves you, do you trust him. It is a simple way to explain it to the kids so they can repeat it.

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      Yes I have. Listening is essential because it is a form of encouragement as iron sharpens iron.

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      Most of the time, the gospel was turned down. When people have responded positively, it was easy to see that God had been at work long before I came on the scene. From my own experience and the experiences of others who are actively seeking to win others to Christ, I believe observation and openness are key to reaching others for Christ. Boldness combined with humility and experience also help.

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      I have. Listening and forming a relationship with the person first is the key. With FCA we have the “FOUR,” the Gospel explains din 4 simple truths that I tend to use with students and it is effective for adults as well. I like the Romans road and will use it a a teaching tool in my huddles now that we have done the FOUR and will likely use flashcards.

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      Yes I have shared the faith. It really is important that we listen carefully to what one is saying. Doing so will also help us listen to the Spirit as He guides and directs us on where the discussion should is headed.

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      Listening is essential because everyone is at a different spot. Asking probing questions may unlock new thoughts or new questions. Ultimately, we must understand that we are just ‘seed-planters’, and that nothing we ask, say, or do will change a person’s heart. Only God can do that.

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      We have to engage with God first. We can not lead anyone to Christ. It is only through the Holy Spirit prompting them and leading our words will someone come to know Jesus as their savior.

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      I appreciate the emphasis that this video placed on drawing near and meeting people where they are at. I think similarly attentive listening and staying engaged in the dialogue is huge! I have the opportunity to minister to college students, and within this community how I communicate and listen to them is enormous in the effectiveness with which that it is the I’m able to share the Gospel with them. If they know I truly care about them, then they’ll be more willing to engage in the more challenging questions towards following Jesus.

      As I think towards the future, I’m able to grow in how I’m remaining engaged in the actual dialogue with them. Sometimes I can come in with an agenda and a gameplay and not take the appropriate reactions towards something they say, in an effort to simply get to the points that I wanted to get through. Whereas being challenged to grow In how I’m engaging in the dialogue can challenge me to more effectively respond to what they’re actually saying in the moment.

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      Yes, I pray for Gods help when doing it. In the future I need to avoid unconscious bias

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      I have told them about Christ. It’s all about being led by the Holy Spirit through scripture

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      Yes! I listen to whom I’m talking with and hear there heart then. I use the four Fca talked about when it comes to salvation walk through that person I’m speaking with about each item. Fca does a great job of preparing us staff missionaries to communicate with the people around us to talk about who Jesus is.

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      Yes. Sharing your personal testimony is a great way to share the power of the gospel. But mostly, it’s listening and building the relationship with the individual and asking questions first. In turn, they will return questions and allow you the chance to speak truth if the Spirit has opened their heart and eyes in that way.

      I think asking more pointed questions would help in getting to that gospel conversation quicker.

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      Yes, I have told others about Christ. I think that listening is key and it is important to be a listening ear to those who you want to share with. It is important to spend time listening to their hearts and then speaking into it with hope and biblical truth. I have found that knowing the right times to listen and the right times to speak is extremely important. I will use these techniques more effectively after this course for sure

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      It’s important to be relational and actually show care for them. It’s also helpful to know what some of their hang-ups might be so that you can spend time elaborating in certain areas if need be. It’s also important for them to understand that there is a required response to this good news.

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      Yes, I just recently got into a discussion with a young man of about 27 years of age who happens to be a friend’s son. He wanted to talk about The Book of Eli and all manner of such things that I knew very little about. He was about to embark on a long Hike in a National Forest. I told Him I would pray that God met him there alone in that place as he sought rest. I told him that I may not be able to answer all those questions of his, but that I have come to know that God is right and true, that I can rely on His Word always, and that I have a personal relationship with the God who made me. No one can take that from me ever, I said. I believe if people truly knew God as He reveals Himself in Scripture, they would yearn for Him, turn to Him and want to know Him better.

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      Yes. I’ve learned how much I need to grow in listening in interactions. I want to grow also in asking more pointed questions.

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      Yes I have shared about the death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and still to come again Christ with others. I have learned that it is best to listen and learn about the person and their story and then be the bridge between their story and Jesus’s story.

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      I have talked to others about Christ. I have helped lead some of my youth group teenagers to Christ. I like to hear where other people are thinking and where they are at in their spiritual jpourney.

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      Mckenzie Smith

      I have shared Christ in my circle of influence. It requires listening to them to hear where they are, what they desire, or what may be missing. Asking questions is a good way to get the willing person to share more. It most importantly requires hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying. He may reveal what was not said or what is missing in focus or understanding. I am open to learning to be more effective in reaching the lost for Christ as He leads and reveals.

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      Katie Harrell

      Listening is a big part in knowing what you need to share and if you need to keep sharing the gospel or wait and continue the relationship.

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      Chris Drenth

      Yes, I have, understanding where they are coming from by listening and asking questions is so important! To be able to engage their hearts behind their own stories is important in the process of evangelism.

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      In the past our church sent teams door to door to share the Gospel using evangelism explosion. The presentation was quite long compared to others. Pray the Holy Spirt equip and enable you to
      seeing where a persons at. One lady I knew simply asked me ‘do you no a good church in the area. Several mos. later we crossed paths and she said ‘I got saved because of you’, meaning she went to that church and responded to the gospel.
      In sharing with a painter working in our office, at a certain point he just spoke up and said I guess you can say I’m backslidden. God does the saving. Usually we plant seeds or water them or some reap as God directs.

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      Listening and dialogue lends to understanding where the person is at regarding Jesus/Christianity. Also one can understand what are the most pressing things in this persons life. We can offer help
      in a variety of available ways. We can ask permission to share our journey to Christ and His word. We can dialogue about what would be the next step. My testimony was simple: before I knew about Jesus. Now I know HIM.

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      It’s important to listen to the questions the person has and don’t be too quick to respond. Minister to them where they are.

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      Yes. Listening is always such a key. Often times people can discover truths as they talk through things out loud and we can help prompt with good, thoughtful questions. We certainly have a role in sharing truth and testimony with them, but it’s helpful having a back and forth conversation.

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      Yes, having a listening ear and an open communication allows the person you are witnessing to to have a better attitude toward you because you dont come across as abrasive.

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      yes, listening and dialogue played a huge role in the interaction. If you don’t listen to what the other person has to say then there is no connection between you two. In the future i will ask and listen for more questions when telling my story.

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      Listening and asking questions is the key ingredient to strong evangelism. Even when I am preaching from a stage, I like to ask a question to connect with the audience. Jesus did this all the time. Most of his recorded interactions were him asking questions and answering with more questions! most people like to talk and when we listen and ask the right questions, it allows them to engage on a deeper level. This also forces me away from a pre-programmed response, and trust in the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit.

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      Yes, it is usually done through a trusting relationship and 2 way dialogue. Listening more closely.

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      Yes. Most of the time it has centered around a problem that someone is having in life. That makes it easy to help someone with their problem by explaining the foundation of why I think the way I think. Because of the Gospel. For sure there is dialogue. It is a back and forth discussion and listening is vitally important to the process.

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      I feel like I listen well and pray that their interest elicits the questions – that then lead to my sharing. I am planting seeds and letting God sow.

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      Yes, by God’s grace I did share how I was converted and how He manifested His presence in my life journey. How my sins was pardoned
      when He was nailed on a tree to ransom me. Most people I met would tell me that we have all the same God, and they would quote the Ten Commandments and that is where I start introducing what Christ has done being the High Priest.

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      Yes. Listen a lot, share a little, and let God do the rest. I like using the Four, but could use the romans road too.

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      I have shared Christ in my circle of influence. It requires listening to them to hear where they are, what they desire, or what may be missing. Asking questions is a good way to get the willing person to share more. It most importantly requires hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying. He may reveal what was not said or what is missing in focus or understanding. I am open to learning to be more effective in reaching the lost for Christ as He leads and reveals.

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      listening played a great bit because i was able to find out what they were struggling with and how they have tried in there words this god thing before. and id k

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      I have never shared my testimony with others because I was either afraid or didn’t really see where it was a significant improvement on my life compared to others. I always looked at my life as, “My life was not that bad so what did God save me from?” Now I understand that each person need to come to Jesus exactly where we are and not look at it as a who did God do more for process.

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      I honestly have never really told others about Christ. I’ve discussed with other Believers about Him, though. I admit that I didn’t really know wear to start and therefore I was quite afraid to speak about Jesus to non believers. But moving forward I feel more confident about having a much more structured way to share the good news. I will study and soak in the truth of the Gospel message for myself and when God lead I will share the Gospel with others in this way that is already helping me so much.

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      Tony! Invited and let the pastor do the role.

      I have shared my testimony on mission trips.

      Share the Four, from FCA, with every group I interact with.

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      Our Daily Bread
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