Having examined the case study presented in this lesson of the woman who has been hurt by her husband, in what way(s) do you now better understand the practice of SoulCare?

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      I have a better understanding of how to listen, both to the woman and the Holy Spirit. It’s necessary to pause, be quiet and be led. I see now how directing the conversation differently can bring excitement and wonder for God to be seen. Looking inside myself and being honest may move this woman to see that she’s not where she wants to be which can an opportunity for the spirit to move in her life, to move her towards God.

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      It reminded me of the need for genuine care about the other and not just the problem that was presented. The curiosity to get to know her better and the anticipation of the great outcome through the work of the Holy spirit and relying on it to guide the conversation.

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      Ultimately, we don’t have the perfect knowledge or ability to change anyone’s life circumstances. But we do have the Holy Spirit to move, and give us the wisdom about how to move into that person’s life, in just the way that God knows they need it.

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      Well, outside of empathy I really dont know what to say to this woman at this point which I think is the idea. But this person has found me safe enough to open up about this deeply personal disappointment and hurt. It is time to get to know the person and be warmly curious about this person and start to try to have a vision for what God may want to do through this journeying reality.

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      As God continues to break me of my independence and leads me to conviction, repentance, and His grace, I see that through my humility God’s spirit can move through my soul to touch another’s soul. When someone can sense that I am a safe person to open up to and begins to share their story, I acknowledge my inadequacy and wait patiently for the Spirit to speak. Assuming that we are both Christian, I can trust that God is moving in both of our lives and desires both of us put him above all things, including or need for pain relief from our experiences, whatever they may be. We, too, have everything we need to experience trinitarian relating that brings our father joy and glorification.

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      It helped me see the reframing a bit more clearly. I will pay more attention to this more. I have the idea of it and need to take in how to do it without offending the person who shares their need.

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      Go beyond the presenting ‘dissatisfaction’ of the woman.
      Let the fragrance of grace in us provide the environment of safety for to talk and explore.
      Be Excited because the Spirit is at work! (That’s why she is not satisfied/happy). (Vision)
      Abandon self to the Spirit and flow with Him. Let Him lead
      From her ‘journey realities’ and reframe her relational soul. From Self to Christ.
      We are but the ‘friend’ of the Bridegroom… reap the joy of “God showed up” in our conversation.

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      It’s an opening allowed by or caused by the Trinity that open two sous to each other. In that process only the Holy Spirit can truly lead us to answers because we are all damaged And corrupted souls . Its a journey into a double mess but directed and guided by the only one who can repair both. You have to participate in the rhythms, flows and ebbs, and guidance of the Holy Spirit by putting both your souls in a state of desire and focus on seeing the vision what that Trinity has for you both. A relational repair that involves a surrender from the brokenness of each into the oneness of the other.

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      The case study helped me to better understand the practice of wonder and being quietly excited about the presence of God working in the woman. Not having the answers but being honest in having a desire to hear her journey and see the goodness of God in the midst of her circumstances.

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