Having reviewed the basic model of SoulCare, what concepts do you find the most helpful? Why?

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      I find the entire model very helpful. Several parts really strike me as especially instructive for me; things that really challenge me.

      First is the idea that it starts at the invitation of the other person. They share with us a journeying reality and invite us to know them. SoulCare begins with an invitation from them. SoulCare is not something that I initiate to try to “help” the other person. I am also struck by Dr. Crabb’s statement that the “effective SoulCare provider never presses for change and never measures their success by whether the person is changing.” This is all under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.

      Second is the idea of examining what is going on inside of me. Again, the goal is to have the Holy Spirit rule as we interact with our friend.

      Third is the idea of reframing the discussion by putting a frame around the story of their soul and not the immediate problem. This also involves noticing how the person is pulling us to respond. The focus is on the larger story of what God is doing.

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      To know that there will always be tension between our flesh dynamic and Spirit dynamic. It is a process of searching deep into our hearts, to face what’s truly blocking God as our utmost desire. As we journey down the path of SoulCare, both parties need to honestly face internal darkness and have the willingness to firmly point the blind spots rather than siding.

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      The most helpful is listening to the story of their soul and see it in the bigger story of God. We are waging against the flesh and the spirit, for the person’s soul – we aren’t alone, but the Spirit of God will empower us and him to bring us home to God.

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      One of the most helpful concepts in the basic model of SoulCare is asking Reframing questions. Shifting from immediate problems to the story of their soul is what people really need and long for.

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      What is most helpful to me is paying attention to my own interior world and practicing paying attention. It doesn’t come naturally, so it must become a discipline.

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      What is most helpful is the remembering of my own interior world and how to try not to fix the person but get excited about the work that the spirit is doing in them with their encounter with their spirit dynamics.

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