Highly religious people seem to have a passion for detail. What was Jesus’ emphasis regarding religious detail when He addressed the Pharisees in Luke 11:42?

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      Jesus was pointing out that although religious details are of some importance, they are not nearly as important as first making our hearts right towards God and People. It was as though the Pharisees had designated minute details to the billions place, and love and justice to the ones place Jesus was saying “You have it wrong. You need to switch the two in order to solve my kingdom mathematics problems.”

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      Jesus emphasized over the lack of love in their sense of morals in regard to their religious belief.

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      Jesus’ emphasis was on the “why” the highly religious people had a passion for the detail as it was not out of love as He said it should be.

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      Gildas ange clyve

      Jesus’ emphasis regarding religious detail when he addressed the Pharisees in Luke 11:42 was on their motive and their love. He wanted them to be focused not on a set of rules but on good and loving relationships with God and their neighbors.

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      Karla Joy

      Doing things orderly is important. God is holy, and we must be holy. However! Jesus was telling them that despite all their good tithing and order, they had totally missed the point! ( They were missing God Himself) They were failing to love God and others , they were so concerned in doing things by ritual ( going through the motions) that their hearts were not focused on God… who was “supposed” to be the reason they were doing the rituals to begin with ! No amount of good deeds will save a soul from hell. What was the point in just keeping up appearances and ritual that can’t save you?! Jesus was in essence telling them that their hearts were far from God! No amount of pomp & circumstance will save anyone. It was USELESS , unproductive, and deceptive. They were deceived themselves in their hearts.

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      Detail can get in the way of truth and Jesus. They were far more concerned about doing every little thing correctly that they forgot about their hearts and why they were doing things to begin with. They forgot about God’s love, which is where everything stems from, the reason for the ceremony or action in the first place.

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      Our Daily Bread
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