How are the summer and winter seasons most like and unlike the weather where you live?

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      Florida seems to also only have two seasons but our temperatures are about 10 degrees hotter in both summer and winter. We get rain mostly between July and December

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      We have four seasons–spring, summer, fall and winter.

      Summer is warm and sunny mostly. We have rainfall and plant during this time. This is vacation time also.

      Winter is cold and snowy. No planting or harvesting.

      We have wind in both seasons.

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      We have four seasons here in Delaware-Southern Philadelphia. Spring starts near the end of March, but frost at night is still possible until May. Flowers begin to bloom. April showers bring May flower as it is. Great season for flowers and great season for allergists. Summer is hot and humid. The fall is ideal. Cool air, clear sky with Canadian breeze is great. However as the fall progress, hurricane from the south sometime getting close to southern Delaware, but they are nothing but bringing a lot or rain. Winter come gently. We have about two snow storm a year, which is the resulting of a Northeaster. Moisture from Atlantic ocean keep circulating up north and back to the west to meet with artic air causing long snow storm.
      I like spring and the fall the most. When winter comes, we go to California to get the warmer weather.

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      They are very dissimilar. Summer is not continuous warmth and sunshine. Although temperatures are higher than the winter months, several days of sunshine are easily followed by a thunderstorm and there is usually a regular amount of rain throughout the summer. Growing is all year round depending on the produce, although we do also import a lot of produce for which we don’t have the appropriate weather. Winters can be mild as well as very cold. It’s not always totally predictable.

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      Our summer months are our growing season, not winter. While our weather is hot and humid, we do not have sea breezes to cool us off.
      Instead of wet and dry seasons, we have precipitation all year long.
      Our winters are colder and nothing grows during that time. We have much more snow than rain in our winter months.

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      I live in the tropical area, and we have only two seasons, dry and wet seasons, and we get sunshine throughout the year like the summer season in Israel.

      Unlike Israel, we don’t get strong winds in the Winter season as our place is known as “the land below the wind. “However, occasionally, we experience strong wind resulting from the “typhoon” in the neighboring countries.

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