How can psychological problems in fact be problems of the flesh?

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      Psychological problems in fact be problems of the flesh as we tried to replace the desire for God with other secular things which will never satisfy our soul. We will always be in a tug of war of trying to have both God and secular desires as our masters which would be impossible. We cannot serve God and the world.

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      I used to work in mental health services supporting people with anxiety and depression. Without denying any of the helpful knowledge and tools from that field, I think it is fair to say that there’s more to anxiety than that which can be treated with some CBT tools. There’s that longing for meaning, purpose and something bigger than ourseves…that restlessness without that which cannot be named. It is the unmet, unrecognised desire for God that, I feel, that’s often behind anxiety and low mood. I’m not at home in the world – I’m scared and unhappy… but I don’t know how to get home, and CBT tools – amazing and valuable as they may be – cannot help me get back home.

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      psychological problems stems from man’s primal sin that we want to live our life apart from God. Apart from God, all problems are problems of flesh.

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      Psychological problems can be a result of our soul being determined to handle life without God.

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      A psychological problems can be the result of problems of the flesh. Separation from Christ, losing your home, not having an identity and trying to be your own god will cause you to have psychological problems.

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