How did the apostle Paul communicate the gospel in the Athenian marketplace? In what way could you model his method of sharing his faith?

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      Paul saw it as an ideal place to preach. Scripture says he reasoned there “every day with those who happened to be present.” What form did his discourse take? Verse 18 says he preached the gospel. He was preaching about “Jesus and the resurrection”. Paul stood literally alone against centuries of traditional paganism—and intellectual paganism at that.

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      N sundaram

      According Paul mentioned Acts 17:16-21 about Idolatry of the City and shaken in his sprit. He used the word for God’s Anger over the idolatry of his people.

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      He first noted that they were very religious people. He mentions the altar inscripted to the unknown god. He goes on to tell them about the Lord of creation, how he made all the nations from one man that they should inhabit all the earth. He tells them how God marked out their time on earth and the boundaries of their land. He also brings up that their own poets speak of us as being God’s offspring. He then tells them that in times past God overlooked their ignorance that now he commands that all people everywhere to repent.
      We could note things people are interested in and use that as a starting ground to talk to them about Jesus.

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      Our Daily Bread
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