How did the sin offering provide atonement for sin and how does this foreshadow the work of Jesus Christ?

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      The Sin offering was the shedding of blood, which foreshadow the blood of the Lamb, JESUS.

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      sin offerings were meant to replace your death. Since death is the penalty for sin. Something must die in your place.

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      The requirement for the atonement of sin by means of the “sin offering “ required a shedding of blood. In the Old Testament, this shedding of blood by means of an animal only covered the particular sin that was being atoned for and thus was only a temporal solution as future sin would require yet another sin offering for that particular sin and so on.
      It was only a foreshadowing of the work of Christ as the atonement of sin would still requires a blood sacrifice, but the sacrifice of Christ’s blood was only required once and atones for all sin- past, present and future.

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      In the case of Jesus Christ, the something that had to die was not a mere animal. The substitution for our wicked debt could not be paid with the slaughtering of a lamb. Jesus’ perfect and sinless life would be a substitute for not only man, but for the animal also. The lamb that died during these sacrifices was innocent and they had not sinned, but they died so one could live. Jesus came as an innocent sacrifice who had not sinned, but was willing to die so that you and I can have eternal life. Jesus is that lamb!

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      The sin offering was a poignant picture and the Israelites needed this sin offering for the forgiveness of their sins. Jesus Christ, for the sin of the world. Jesus blood made atonement for the sin that any person who realizes his guilt.

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      The sin offerring showed the Israelites that the payment of blood is needed for sins to be forgiven. Jesus died to pay for our sins so that we no longer need to make these animal sacrifices.

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      I basically just answered this in my last discussion question statement as well, but the sin offering of the priests represents the covering of wrongdoing with the payment of blood. In a sense, it’s a life for a life. Clean for unclean. In this way, Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross does this for all. He was clean and he gives us himself for that payment for all eternity, if we so choose him and believe in him. His blood atones and redeems us forever, where the blood of the animals in Leviticus were temporary coverings.

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      The sin offering was offered when the person sinned and was fully aware of the sin. This offering had to be a living thing that had to die just as Christ died for us. Someone/something must die when we sin to atone for our sin.

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