How do our relationships indicate our level of spiritual maturity? Does it change during various periods of our lives? If so, how does it change?

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      No matter how mature we get we should never Trun relationship away at first glance. We should always seek friends of all types, even sinners . Jesus spent his whole ministry with sinners. As we mature we will become more discerning in relationships and how to deal witj them and when if ever we should wal away .Dont get me wrong im not saying we should be influenced by sinners, but we should influence them.

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      Well, as my relationship with Christ gets better, deeper and peaceful, I realize I tend to gravitate towards those who are like minded. However, I am friends and teach so many who are not like this and I know in my heart I cannot do as they do. The good thing is most of those people understand and still like me. As far as change, it does, whereby when I was younger, I wanted to be accepted so much, I would do almost anything, no matter what, to be noticed, but then I as I matured spiritually, I realize I was more and more unconfortable with those things and slowly ended those relationships, but did not mind telling those poeple why

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      The more we strive to get closer to God and learn of Him, our circle of influence or relationships with other people will change. God’s Word begins to illuminate our spiritual eyes /mind and we begin to take on the mind of Christ as we grow spiritually. During my adolescent years, several of my school mates decided to go on a different path than me. While I continued to live for God, a separation occurred between us. Fast forward years later, I have gained more relationships. A few relationships are closer than others.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      The people we choose to spend time with is a reflection of ourselves. We should surround ourselves with people who are like minded, iron sharpening iron. Although we shouldn’t live in a bubble, it’s important to have people in our lives who encourage us in our faith. We are called to be learning from those who are more experienced that we are, as well as mentoring those coming behind us, so yes, it changes as we mature.

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      Our relationship indicate our level of spiritual maturity this is determined by the people you surround yourself their levels of age, faith experience, walk of lifestyle, knowledge through these you can get a real image of your spiritual maturity,
      Also it can change in various time of our life because of purpose and calling of God to the begging of journey and situation.

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      Relationships can indicate our level of spiritual maturity by identifying what is being achieved through the relationship. Is the relationship strengthening your Christian walk? Is the relationship distracting you from your Christian walk? Is the relationship an “iron sharpens iron” type of interaction? Identifying with this type of thinking can show spiritual maturity and help you know when to continue or walk away.

      It can change in various periods of our lives and it changes as our spiritual needs change and as God calls us to new journeys and into new situations.

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      I do feel that when I hang out with people that are not yoked like me, I tend to just be quiet and not speak out for Jesus. It does affect me in my walk with Him. Growing spiritually will mean for me to stand up and refute what is being said or stop hanging out with them.

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      I often find myself slipping being around certain people I work with. I’m with them all day, so avoiding them isn’t possible. It’s does affect me spiritually.

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      I think when you look at the circle of people you surround yourself with and look at their age, walk of life, walk of faith, and experience, you can get a clearer picture of your spiritual maturity. I believe it can definitely change throughout your life. For example, when I was a young mother, my circle of friends was more narrow whereas now I have a larger group of people. But the size of the social group doesn’t reflect your spiritual maturity as much as your connection to specific people.

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      Our relationships can often near where we are at in life. It is said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. So if I relationships are only outside of the Christian faith it will be challenging for us to walk the way Jesus wants us to.

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      Our Daily Bread
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