How do the books of Jonah and Nahum give you a better understanding of the importance of God’s call to proclaim the Gospel to all nations?

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      God reveals His concern for a lost world that He wants to redeem . His “hand is tipped” way back in Genesis 12:1-3 with the call of Abraham & His desire to see the nations of the world be blessed. His call to take the Gospel to the nations of the world ( The Great Commission) is given multitudes of times in the Scriptures both in the New Testament & in the Old. With the book of Jonah we see the lengths that God will go to redeem a people. He did not give up on Jonah ‘s need for obedience & His insistence that Jonah go to Ninevah. Today he is no doubt working behind the scenes in both the Muslim & Communist worlds. There is now a number (a growing number) of Muslims abandoning their faith & becoming believers . Then too, God’s working in China is of particular notice. God is still calling His people to respond to His command to disciple the nations.
      With the book of Nahum, we see the anger of God finally released against an evil nation, (the ISIS of the day) and we realize that God’s patience has a limit . Therefore the need for us to reach out to those who are yet without God’s salvation., before God unleases His wrath. Which brings to mind the cruelty of Islam against those who choose to leave the Islamic faith , against those who are not of their faith in the first place, as the Koran , their holy book , commands, and the occasions of suicide bombings, & violent attacks particularly in Islamic lands. Then the cruelty of Communism both in the past and present reminds us that God’s patience is followed by His judgement ultimately, but before God’s judgement falls, they need to be evangelized.

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