How do the first three types of conversations run at cross-purposes with SoulCare conversations?

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      There will always be a path of Social, task-centered and informational conversations, and when the longing for a deeper relationship is stirred beyond their boundaries, SoulCare conversations will take them to a deeper exploration of each other’s desires to align with the Spirit, to be part of the larger story of God.

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      Social, Task -Centered , and Informational conversations all work together to build a context of relationship to further move along the path to a Soulcare Conversation. In themselves they each do not entail a Soulcare conversation but they build a bases or foundation of relationship between individuals that can lead promote a Soulcare covenant relationship. Social allow individuals to build boundaries and social dynamic rule, Task-Centered allow individuals to team together to complete a task. Each builds a base to lead to the other and then a Soulcare conversation.

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      The first three types of conversations run cross-purpose with SoulCare conversations because they each have a helpful and necessary time and place. Social conversations warm us up to fellowship and the rules of engagement, task-centered conversations allow us to focus on working together to get something done and informational conversations allow us to learn or share information in a helpful way. SoulCare takes each of these and enriches it to cross boundaries that lead to deeper exploration of our greatest desires.

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