How do the water challenges of ancient Israel compare to water challenges you might face in your home region?

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      In these modern times, if we have a shortage of rainfall for any period of time, we are ask to limit our consumption by the powers that be so that we can have enough water for the most people even though it is less. In ancient times, there were not governing powers to stop the people from using their water supply and not share it with others.

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      Living in Florida the sin problem with water supply is hurricane season where our water source might get compromised. And to compensate for that we keep lots of bottled water stored

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      In my home area we are very blessed to have an abundance of water and easy access to it.

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      The water challenges of ancient Israel can’t really be compared. It seems that the Israelites were concerned about water everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. We are blessed to have faucets with running water, refrigerators with filtered water, drinking fountains and even sprinkler systems to water our lawns.

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      As I am writing the answer for this question, it rains so much out side. Delaware has about 45 inches of water per year, which is much more than the average of 21 inches per year. However, rain is evenly distributed in Delaware, so we do not have the wilderness scenario as Israel does. We do not have to worry about water availability daily. Besides almost everyone have water piped into the house. only a small population uses water well. However, the artesian water in our area has too much iron, so we have to use an ion exchange system to make the water safe to drink. I think water in Israel is pure, so they don’t have the quality issue.

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      I basically don’t have water issues that require me to be daily thinking about how I obtain my water. Water is supplied into my home for drinking, washing and cooking. In very hot summers (in London) we are asked not to use garden hoses. Mostly, water is very easy where I am, so I should learn to appreciate that more compared to how it was even a couple of hundred years ago in this country and of course for Israelites in the Promised Land.

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      We are blessed to be surrounded by fresh water lakes. Water is readily available. However, droughts do affect us. Lack of rain limits our use of outside water. Nothing that I’ve experienced can compare to what the ancient Israelites or modern day Israelis experience today.

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      The annual rainfall in Israel is low and is also limited by region and season. I live in North Borneo, a tropical country, and receive high yearly rainfall, especially during the wet season. Occasionally, we may experience a dry spell caused by the El Niño effect.

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