How do you feel about public speaking? What are your biggest fears/concerns? Why do you think you feel that way?

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      I actually enjoy public speaking and have since I was a child. I have spoken to audiences of several hundred person. My greatest fear or concern is when I am handling God’s work. I am always concerned that I will not understand the true meaning or present it in a divisive manner. I realize the awesome responsibility and accountability of mishandling the word of God.

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      I am very comfortable speaking in public and I have a lot of experience. My biggest concern is being engaging and interesting. I think this is because likeability has been a problem for me in all parts of life.

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      I have had several opportunities to speak before my church family and deliver scripture lessons. I am not fearful, but want to become more skillful in my delivery.

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      Although at one time I was terrified of speaking in public it doesn’t really bother me that much now. My biggest fears are mispronouncing words, getting my facts turned around, seeing disinterested looks on people’s faces. Sometimes I have a hard time getting my words out or I’ll mispronounce a word and it will throw my train of thought off.

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      In the beginning public speaking was terrifying to me, now I’m just nervous. I afraid to make a mistake or speak on something I’m not comfortable with.

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      I fear public speaking because I think I’m going to make a mistake and be ridiculed.

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      Terry ann

      I believe it’s fear of not being able to speak clearly, misprouncing words, forgetting next thought due to extreme fear.
      I had two very unpleasant experience as a student in grade school and in high school. One, I gave a report to my class in 3rd grade about a news article and I was so nervous that I mixed up a couple of words and it was absolutely funny to everyone but me. Even the teacher told me to make sure I looked up the meaning of every word I was to speak (in front of the class). In 12th grade, end of year I was to introduce the next piece we were to play (I played clarinet) in our concert, to an audience of over 300 people, which consisted of several classmates and families. My dad and boyfriend were in the front row directly below me. The conductor chose 5 of us to present the information about the next selection we were play. I had decided to memorize everything about the piece in lieu of reading from a slip of paper that was provided from my teacher. I learned later in life that I never got over the embarrassement of my 3rd grade ‘BLUNDER’. Well, I had practiced and practiced for several days prior to the event, and had it down to the T! Well, here it was… my turn to get up as I was asked my my teacher to please let the audience learn of the next song we were to perform. I was actually pretty excited to do so and so proud that I had it down so well, and this time would NOT mess up. I walked up the mic and was beginning to start my salutation and a friend who was in the audience, way in the back yelled out ‘ Way to go Pert’ Pert was my nickname. Many start yelling out, and clapping. I froze! I could not even remember the name of the song, let along the artist, the dates etc… I looked down at my father and his eyes and mouth were wide open… my heart began to race and I could hardly catch my breath, not one single word could I let out. I started to shake and could not move a muscle. After a few minutes of this , which seemed like an eternity, my teacher came over and gave me a hug and said, ‘its alright.. it happens to the best of us from time to time, this stagefright’.
      Whew, ever since then I have an extreme fear of public speaking.

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      It’s the anxiety of many people staring at me and that their undivided attention is on me. I love to talk to people one on one and I’m outgoing but speaking on stage freaks me out. what if they don’t like me, what if I say the wrong thing etc the list goes on.

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      Alex ow yong

      It’s scary, stage fright, saying the wrong things and it’s going to be embarrassing!

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      I like public speaking but I am always filled with anxiety when asked to speak. My biggest fear is putting together the talk and being organized. I have a lot to say but pulling out what most needs to be communicated is stressful. I feel this way because there are so many important things to say and I want to blurt them all out without the restraints of effective presentation.

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      I am confident in doing so. But I am concern that I don’t always minister to the audience’s needs. Because public speaking is a science and an art, and I believe I can benefit from learning innovative ways to minister to my audience.

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      Erick Goodman

      I have always been a bashful person. I have always steered away of any kind of public talking or bringing attention to myself in large crowds. I fear that I would get stage fright and just freeze up. For me it all has to do with confidence and the more I do it the more confident and relaxed I will become.

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      I find the idea intimidating. Mostly I think that’s because I fear I’m going to be rubbish. When I do need to speak I tend to prepare very carefully to know exactly what I’m going to say.

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      Public speaking is getting better for me as I take courses like this course. I would like to continue to work on making sure I am effectively communicating and connecting with my audience.

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      I find bubbly speaking very intimidating. The fear of not having a convincing argument, or not being coherent, can be devastating.

      This is especially the case whenever I do not have the necessary facts to back my argument.

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      Public Speaking is one of the most challenging skills to master. I need to have adequate preparation before I have the confidence to deliver the speech in front of a crowd.
      My biggest fear is that I convey incorrect concepts to my audience, for example, my talks on personal financial planning, Service tax, and Real Property Gain Tax. The mistakes arose because I might not have the latest update on the subjects.

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      My biggest concerns with public speaking is boring the audience. I feel that way because I think that my passion on the subject may be a lot more than that of my audience.

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      Our Daily Bread
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