How do you help set up a holy tension in your friend’s life?

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      Be attentive, listen to the spoken words as well as the unspoken. Follow the lead of the Holy spirit and ask clarifying questions that help other to think through for themselves. Assist them to see the higher vision in God and take courage to move towards it.

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      Listen humbly and graciously to his journey reality
      Envision what he can be like if he returns ‘home to God.’
      Walk behind the Spirit as He directs his heart and mine.
      Reframe questions to help him see a bigger story.
      – Ask good questions to arouse a thirst for God
      When the holy tension within him is sensed, invite him to see as the Holy Spirit unveils his eyes and mind.

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      To help set up holy tension, we must listen well, follow the Spirit’s lead, and ask good questions that will help our friend reveal what is really going on in his/her soul. When their passion begins to decrease, move in a new direction because it means their deepest concerns of their soul are not being addressed.

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      Listen and follow the flow of the Holy Spirit. When their passion decreases, take the opportunity to explore further about what else might be more pressing to them or something they are more passionate about. Reframe their thoughts. Do not try to fix them or their problems. Allow the Holy Spirit to open their eyes as you ask questions.

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