How does biblical archaeology contribute to our understanding of Old Testament people, places, and events?

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      Biblical archaeology contributes to our understanding of Old Testament people , places,events, etc. by shedding light on the customs , practices & culture of that day. For instance, when I read of Jonah coming to Ninevah, the Bible states that the city was a “3 day’s journey”. I thought that that meant that it took 3 days to walk thru the city or around the city causing me to assume that by today’s standards , Ninevah would be a city of over a million people. But archaeology has revealed that a custom of that time was on Day 1 to arrive in the city , Day 2 was the day of conducting business, and Day 3 was the day of departure from the city. This explains what Jonah had written.
      Ancient pottery can help identify a period of time when compared with already discovered pottery of identified sites and time periods. The construction of walls , buildings,etc. also help to bring credence to Biblical accounts such as from what I have read, the collapsing of the wall of Jericho as described in the book of Joshua.
      Also, having had the privilege of visiting Israel on two occasions & of having visited so many “supposed” Biblical sites , both Old Testament & New, brings a vivid picture to mind whenever I read of Gideon’s battlefield , for instance,with the enemy of Israel. Or having traveled the road from Jerusalem to Jericho , one can understand how thieves could hide & suddenly appear to overtake an unsuspecting victim. Also the topography of the land adjacent to the Dead Sea shows one how David could hide from Saul. Also seeing the site of the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls reveals how they could have been hidden for so long. And then the discovery of the scrolls themselves have proven to be an astounding discovery as present day Scriptures have been so perfectly preserved & accurate when compared with such ancient manuscripts.
      So, Biblical archaeology has proven to be a very valuable science in revealing Old & New Testament peoples, places & events.

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