How does Dr. Crabb’s definition of spiritual formation differ from or agree with the definition you had in your mind before taking this course?

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      Prior: Spiritual formation is often tied to spiritual disciplines. It is in practicing these disciplines that we allow the transformational work of God in our life to take place. (Disciplines, to Habit, to Delight). It is a mostly a solitary journey.
      Dr Crabb’s focus is on spiritual formation conversation. The purpose is to celebrate the presence of the Spirit of God and avail ourselves to whatever He is doing at this moment. The effect is a holy tension with us (our flesh and the Spirit), and it is in this holy tension that spiritual formation takes place.

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      While using Renovare, Dallas Willard, Early Christian Forefathers, and other sources for inspiration to follow Spiritual Disciplines, his definition had freed me to tap into the Holy Spirit in a way which makes me feel peace and joy. I have always had a personal drive in me to know the trinity better and serve better, but now it is more of a surrender, abandonment, and release to let the Holy Spirit got to work and the God create in me a Christlike heart through acceptance of his son as savior and teacher, while at the same time being used as a vessel for His spirit to do the same for another. Through this process I have also begun to understand the relationship between the Trinity and it brings me great hope, joy, and longing to be back fully in that relationship in heaven.

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      I didn’t really have a definition of spiritual formation prior to this course. Dr. Larry Crabb defines spiritual formation as the process by which the Spirit of God relieves the Holy Tension in the seeking honest soul by nourishing the passion for God that he has already placed in the soul so that the interior world of our ruling passions increasingly resembles the interior world of Jesus.

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