How does our understanding that at times we are dealing with souls who are determined to handle life without God influence the way we provide SoulCare?

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      MARIE G.

      Depending on the Holy Spirit for wise counsel, depending on flesh dynamics means we depend on our own way of thinking and acting. Souls that are determined to handle life without God, can be more of a struggle through out life, and depending on God can be less stressful. People who can not or choose not to have depend on God, we can not be able to connect and have soul care conversations, peoples souls are not ready to have that soul care change. God shines the light on our pathway on this journey of soul care, all the glory belongs to Him.

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      Living Life without God = flesh dynamics.
      Counter will be Spirit dynamics.
      Begin with a vision – who the persons can be if he is home with God – New purity. new identity, new inclination, new power
      Serve with humility – a fragrance of grace and truth; grow in wisdom and grace (Luke 2:40)
      Depend on the Spirit – for wisdom and discernment.
      All glory goes to God, not us.

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      We recognize that people are not just innocent beings who are victims of what has been done to them. We recognize that there are flesh dynamics at work and can recognize what is really wrong. It also helps us to point them to their true desires-to love God and do as He says.

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      That understanding keeps us dependent on the Holy Spirit to work in and through us. If people are determined to handle life without God, we can not have true SoulCare conversations.

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      Our Daily Bread
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