How does the book of Ezekiel demonstrate God’s continual and ever-lasting presence with His people?

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      Ezekiel was a priest who lived in Jerusalem. After the first attack of the Babylonians on Jerusalem they sent a group of people into exile. Ezekiel was one of those people. The book of Ezekiel begins a several years after he was taken into exile. Ezekiel become depressed while in exile because he longs to be priest but instead he is living a life of being in exile. At a low moment in Ezekiel’s life during his exile, he has a vision which translates to “God riding His royal throne chariot.” The vision that Ezekiel had demonstrates God’s continual and ever-lasting presence with His people because He is reminding Ezekiel that God is ultimately in control and have a powerful presence over the nations. God uses Ezekiel to warn the people of their sinful actions and to guide them back to God.

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