How does the Trinity illustrate a perichoretic relationship? How does this apply to believers?

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      The Trinity illustrated how the three in one can be different, plays different roles and yet all equal. For believers, it amplifies how the perfect balance in our relationships can be achieved by growing deeper in our understanding of each others and their desires. We know how we are to treat each other as equal for we are all under the grace of God, no one is truly better than the other. We will readily carry each other’s yoke and will pray for each other’s spiritual growth. Together we can be more like Christ and bring glory to God in all our doings.

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      The Trinity is always entering into each other’s depths and stirring up what is there. They truly and intimently know each other. They are always exploring and discovering each other. We should do the same with other believers with whom we are in a soulcare relationship.

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      The Trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
      When two or more are gathered, when we rely on the Holy Spirit to do His work, in us and through others, in prayer and supplication, then God can work miracles and wonders, in peoples lives. It is the purpose of a group, that we unite in the purpose of glorifying God and spiritually forming in the image of Christ.

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      The Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) illustrate a perichoretic relationship. A perichoretic relationship is a kind of relationship where two or three people are relating in ways that are both interpenetrating and interanimating. They are one in the deepest ways and work together. They synchronize and harmonize. Believers can also be in perichoretic relationships. As we gather together in the name of Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit, God is in our midst when we meet with the intent and goal of going deeper into our love for Him, one another and others.

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      Perichoresis is a term that communicates the interrelationship and interconnectedness of the persons of the Trinity. Father, Son and Spirit are for, of, with, and in each other—while distinct from each other. The perichoretic (interpenetrating each other without losing distinction) relationship of the Trinity is a model for Christian community.

      God-in-Three-Persons is inviting, generous, open-handed, and open-hearted. The church is welcomed mysteriously into that relationship of Father, Son, and Spirit. In the words of Samuel J. Stone’s hymn, “The Church’s One Foundation”: “She on earth hath union with God the Three in One.” We are not just emulating the Trinity in our fellowship; we actually are gathered to participate in the fellowship and mission of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

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      Our Daily Bread
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