How does this sentence strike you? “…whatever you naturally want to do as you interact with some other person more than likely is that person’s pull on you”? Think of some examples where you felt this “pull” recently and describe how being centered in Christ might help you not give in to another’s pull.

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      About an hour ago, I felt being pulled by rather strong persuasion to venture into a job that I already “red flags’ hoisted. The persistence to pull was pulled off by my ‘returning’ to Christ last night and early this morning. I was examining the “red flags” with the Lord, and exploring my interior world. I must admit that this is by far the hardest battle I have to fight, because of various vested interest from a few unrelated others. Centering on Christ was easier to stand firm against the pull.

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      While listening to Dr. Crabb’s explanation about another person’s pull on us, I could recall various interactions where I gave in to another person’s pull. One relationship in particular stands out where I sensed the pull of the other person being manipulative towards me. I felt very uncomfortable with it and I was able to resist it, but I wasn’t prepared for the anger that came when I chose to stand up to the manipulation, and I became very anxious in that relationship, which could be described as allowing her to destroy me. In hindsight, I can see that I was not rooted in Jesus deeply enough to feel secure in spite of the anger. Had I been centered in Christ, I would have been able to recognize her anger as an opportunity, and not a threat.

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      I never realized how much I react based on the pull of other people. Some examples include my husband. When he is low on energy or frustrated or even playful, I respond to that mood with matching energy, comments, and attention. Instead of allowing the mood and moment to direct me, yielding to the Spirit of Christ in me will allow me to be centered in Christ and dependent on the Holy Spirits leading. IT causes me to listen more, pause, pray as I am listening, surrender my feelings and ideas and have an internal meeting with God before responding to the other person’s pull.

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      Being centered in Christ will strengthen me to lean on the truth of what He thinks of me rather than a natural pull I feel from someone else. Compliments are a natural pull I have felt recently. In the immediate I reminded myself that I am loved and accepted in Christ as I became aware of the pull I sensed from the person. I quietly acknowledged within myself while at the same time wondered about their motive in the compliment. I did not respond to the compliment but went directly to a question regarding why they wanted to meet with me. When they said something about me, I turned a question back to them to keep the focus on their journeying reality and not me.
      In order for a person to feel safe and willing to be explored the soul care provider must be aware of the pull while at the same time keep the attention on the person being explored.

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