How does your travel experience differ most and least from the people who traveled in Bible times?

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      Much safer, convenient, quicker, and farther

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      I would say the least would be walking as people still walk today but maybe not as far but they may do it more for exercise than actual mode of transportation. The way travel differs the most as we now have motorized vehicles and have way less ricks when traveling.

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      My travel experience differs the most from the people who traveled in Bible times because they were likely to encounter loins, hyenas, bears and wolves. I live in a city. The wildlife is in the zoo!

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      It differs in that I seldom walk to where I am going but use a car. I don’t have to worry about wild animals attacking me. I don’t really worry about being robbed while traveling.
      It is most like it in that most of my journeys are short and I know the route I am going to take.

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      People walked from place to place to place in Bible times. We travel primarily in cars, buses, trains, and planes. While most of their risks were environmental, ours seem to be linked to humanity.

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      Depending on the distance and mode of travel, a trip today would be relatively secure and might include beverages to keep you hydrated or food to sustain you.

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      My travel is accomplished via motor; their travel was accomplished by walking.

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      We travel in motorized vehicles where they walked. We also do not have to worry about the same types of problems that they had to worry about

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      It differs the most because the majority of my travel is by car, with very little walking involved.

      It differs the list for the reasons of travel. I travel for work, church, weddings, just like in Bible times.

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      When you consider the “why” people travel both then and now, we see that there are clear similarities. People travel to visit friends and family, attend weddings, participate in religious ceremonies, for business or trade, for missionary work and to share the Good News of the Bible.
      However, when we look at “how” people travel it is completely different. In Bible times, they traveled by horse, donkey and camels. Where as we travel in cars, subways and airplanes. The most common travel in Biblical times was walking. Of course, we walk, but to no distance that compares with our ancestors.

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      Baboo samuel

      I have no fear of dehydration, disease, falling from trrains, attacks from from wild animals (limitted routes only). However, there are routes which involves bridges crossing rivers (fear of drowing if the bridge falls if its too old or unstable).

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      My travel and those of the people who travelled in the bible time are the same in the purposes: like visiting family members, doing a business trip, attending a religious gathering, going t a wedding or relocation…but the mode of travel and the risk of travel are quite further apart. I think the mode of travel is the most different. We use car, bus, train and airplane. They walk, ride a donkey, a horse… but mostly walking.

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      Traveling in modern times is more comfortable, secure, and faster than the people who traveled in Bible times because we move about in a motor vehicle, ship, or airplane. Moreover, because of the traveling speed, we can travel over a greater distance within a short period, for example traveling from Singapore to Nagoya, Japan within 7 hours of flight.
      However, traveling in developing countries can be hazardous, particularly when traveling to the interior part where the road system is not well developed. We can face such problems as landslides and the collapse of certain bridges constructed over a river during the rainy season. Occasionally, wild animals attacked similar to those in Bible times. Despite this shortcoming, traveling in modern days is not considered as particularly dangerous.

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