How has your understanding of the book of Revelation changed based on what you learned in this lecture?

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      Many of us misunderstand that the book of Revelation is mainly a prophecy of what the end time events will be and console the believers of the first century. Now I understand the main purpose of writing this book by the author John was not to comfort the churches from persecution of his time but rather to warn them not to compromise to emperor worship and pagan gods. Revelation was written to seven actual churches in the first century struggling to live out their faith in the Roman Empire.

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      Yes, it was written to exhort the early church to follow the Lamp and to follow HIM no matter the consequences. This Book gives me hope and courage to obey despite the consequences.

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      This lecture gave me a better understanding of why the book of Revelation was written to the church then and to the church now. We need to guard our hearts, watch our actions and be not conformed to this world, but stand as a true witness by following Christ .

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      I have become more aware that Revelation was written to seven actual churches and that the book of Revelation was written about the Roman Empire.

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      I better understand that just as 5 of the churches in Revelation had compromised their faith by trying to worship Jesus and Rome. I can see that this message is just as relevant today as it was in John’s day because there are many churches that are compromising their faith with Jesus while also trying to please the world. It brought to mind when Jesus said we can not follow two masters (Matthew 6:24). I’ve learned that with we compromise our faith with the things of the world we are in danger of using our witness for Jesus. This is true on an individual level as well as on a church level.

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      Brenda Jackson

      My understanding of the book of Revelation has changed quite abit due to this lecture. It clearly shows that Revelation was written not only to the seven churches of Asia Minor but it is for the church today (us). Now I understand that it was written to encourage and exhort the church (Body of Christ) –
      back then and now. We should follow Jesus Christ (the Lamb of God) in complete obedience and be a faithful witness. Jesus is warning HIS Church
      (us) not to be like the world. But “Be Faithful” no matter what the consequesnces it might bring.

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      The letter is specifically addressing 7 churches who have made choices with regard to choosing to be obedient to Christ and his ways or
      to compromise and honour the Emperor.

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      I see that Revelation is applicable today too. We often compromise to fit it. And God detest that, though he lovingly warns us and wants to worship him no matter the consequences.

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      Alvin’s comment is mine too. Revelation has always been presented as a futuristic book and not very relevant for now. But the way this has been presented I see it much more clearly with a message for me for today. Seeing it as an exhortation and encouragement to obedience and faithful witness makes its message very timely.

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      Baboo samuel

      That most of Revelation had little to do with persecution (while it did exsit). Rather one that is a clear warning to being luke-warm in Faith.

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      I now know that the churches we’re compromising their witness to fit in with the Roman Empire in that time but its still like that in the day we live now. We hide Jesus just to fit into this world.
      Rev was set out as comfort an a warning. Comfort to those that did not give into this world and a warning to those who were living for this world instead of God.

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      I haven’t spent a lot of time reading the book of Revelation – mostly because I was totally lost and confused with all the symbolic language and imagery. It makes sense to me that the book was primarily written to the 7 churches that were around back then, and it also makes sense that the decriptions and critiques of those 7 churches would also be applicable to some of our present day churches and christians. I’m totally enjoying the lecture and looking forward to learning more and more of this outstanding book.

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      I realize the parallels of living as a Christ-follower back then and now. Am I one of those five churches who need to be warned or am I one of the two churches who need to be comforted? Will I compromise with the society I live in now or am I willing to stand my ground and suffer the consequences?

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      Richard Roger

      More focus on actual 7 churches

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      So far, so good.

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      When I first learned of the book of Revelation, I knew it as the book of prophecy and the second coming of Jesus. After the lectures, I learned that Revelation was written for the people of that time period, first century, and the persecution they were going through. I also have a better understanding of why Revelation was written. It was not just foretelling and foretelling but also as a warning for the people then and the readers now.

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      The more I understand Revelation, the more I see that it’s not just a book about the future that is to come, but also it was written for the people of that time and what they were facing as believers. I always read it as a prophetic book only, looking for the future events and not realizing that it also pertained to the people of that time and it still pertains to us as well.

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      Our Daily Bread
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