How important is the preservation of the text in establishing the credibility of the Bible? If the Dead Sea Scrolls had never been found, would this have impacted your faith? How?

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      Allan l.

      How it was preserved is amazing. I see the credibility of the scriptures all around me. Nature, the world, the people, the details of life speaks to me volumes of a God and a Maker I had not known but now know. The findings of these scrolls only strengthens my faith and belief of an Eternal being. Finding Jesus name is even more intriguing. Even before I knew that they were found I yet believed in a God. Now I know Him even more.

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      The preservation of the text supports the historical Biblical timeline. I’m not certain how absence of DSS would have directly impacted my faith. I am sure the DSS’s lend confidence in sharing God’s word with others.

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      It very important in proving the Bible. I believe it would have had a huge impact on our faith

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      Our Daily Bread
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