How is God’s loyalty demonstrated throughout the book of Jeremiah?

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      God demonstrates his loyalty by calling Jeremiah to be His spokes person to Israel to warn and rebuke them. To call them to repentance with a desire not to have to bring destruction on them. But they would not listen. Repeatedly God refers to Israel as “My people”. He promises discipline that will devastate but not completely destroy them. He promises ultimately life and joy in Him. He promises to Jeremiah His protection and presence in all that He demands of Jeremiah. And even with the Babylonians bearing down on Jerusalem, the Lord of Heaven’s armies declares His love for them, that he will not abandon them because He remains their God no matter what is happening.

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      God’s loyalty is demonstrated throughout the book of Jeremiah because despite the sin that is flooding the Nation, God is still providing opportunities for the Israelites to repent. Their nation is becoming bombarded with Social Injustice, Idols are being worshiped, and corruption is growing within the leadership of Israel. However, God sends the prophet Jeremiah to help this falling Nation recover and turn back to God. As Jeremiah became skeptical and lost hope, God stood with him and carried him through the journey.

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      God stayed by Jeremiah and patiently instructed him even when Jeremiah complained, had fear, and fell into depression. God encouraged Jeremiah to press on when no one else believed him and even through imprisonment, God never left Jeremiah’s side.

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      God is always at work in spite of our unfaithfulness. God is always at work in our rebellion. God is always gracious even when we go astray. He demonstrated these in Jeremiah 29:10-14.

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