How is Jeremiah an example of enduring opposition and resistance to share God’s Word? What obstacles to witnessing for Christ do you face and how can you overcome them?

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      Just as Moses said to God, I cannot talk. I am not your man, even Jeremiah tried to declare his feelings of being inadequate for the task. So do I feel that same inadequacy. I have not done well in overcoming them.

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      Jeremiah was a prophet who was called to warn Israel that there are consequences for behavior that go against God and His word. Jeremiah could be thought of as a “messenger of God’s Justice and Grace”. Jeremiah was essentially called to tear down the people in Jerusalem and convict them of their sins. Once Jeremiah shed light on the Israelites and exposed their sins, he could then rebuild them into a Nation that fears God.

      An obstacle that I face when witnessing for Christ is that my life is not perfect. Sometimes I put this burden on myself that if I am going to share God’s Word, then I myself have to have my life all in order and free of sin. I fear that people will just me as a Christian if my life is cluttered with sin. I can overcome this obstacle by reminding myself that is it because of God’s Grace I am free. My life will never be free of sin, but because of God’s Grace and Mercy I can draw closer to God and share His message.

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      Even though Jeremiah got discouraged he still stayed the course and saw it through to the end. One of the main obstacles I face is being a female and discounted more often than not, but I overcome this challenge by continuing to spread the Good News to all who will listen.

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      Jeremiah was called to preach or proclaim the Word of God to a people who had terribly rebelled against God. They were so deeply hardened in their sin, yet he continued his faithfulness and loyalty to the Lord by preaching His Word. He faced such hatred and opposition by the people as well as false prophets who professed that they believe in God. They claimed to speak the Word of God, but instead they give their own opinions. (Jeremiah 23:21-22)

      In my own experience , the obstacles to witnessing for Christ I face, is first of all ; everyone claims they know God, they believe in God. This seems to be good at first, but once I say the name of Jesus it is a different story. This is very disturbing to me . I began over coming it by not mentioning Jesus ‘name right away as I was told by one of the leaders in our church. So whenever I tried it there was no mentioning of Jesus name until the end of my witnessing.

      Another , obstacle was, people seemed to be pre-occupied with many things that they do not have time to listen or stop to accept a tract that is being pass to them. My husband taught me to go to the store and put tracts in the shoeboxes in the shoe section. When people open the box they find a tract.

      I believe that though there may be many obstacles to witnessing , we should never stop doing it. We should be about the Kingdom. God will lead us .

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