How is “The Romans Road” a simple approach to sharing the Gospel? Is it simpler than others you have seen?

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      Raina Lanier

      It is simple and in order through the same book of the Bible. I believe the Four FCA uses is more simple, but the Romans Road is definitely simpler than some.

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      It is simple and explains the problem and the solution. Memorize it and share it with others.

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      The Romans Road is a simple way to share the Gospel. However, I do believe FCA has the simplest version call “The Four.” It is 4 simple steps tied to Bible verses and concludes with a prayer.

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      By using a comparison that a physical Roman road led to Rome we can use a few simple and easy to understand verses to show how a spiritual Roman road leads us to a destination in heaven. I have seen some that are comparable to this and others that were very complex.

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      The coincidental fact that the ROMAN LETTER has a concentrated series of statements about the gospel that is comprehensive and is spread through its pages and that ROME had an extensive road system across much of its empire that connected distance places to the capital provides a great way to introduce the concept of a “Roman” Road that leads to Christ. The verses in Paul’s letter can be arranged in a series that utilizes each as a simple statement that amounts to a separate “step” on the way to faith. [I am disappointed that nothing is said, in most Roman Road presentations, about water baptism when it is so plainly stated as a threshold experience for the believer.] Otherwise, this presentation can be helpful in bringing some people to Christ, especially if they have a respect for the Bible or, at least, a healthy interest in its contents. Another approach might be best with others who shy away from Scripture or distrust it as a source of truth. My preference, in general, is to make a direct application of the phrases used in Acts 22:14-16: “Then he [Ananias] said [Saul of Tarsus], ‘The God of our fathers has appointed you to know His will, and to see the Righteous One, and to hear His voice. You will be His witness to everyone of what you have seen and heard. And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptized, and wash your sins away, calling on His name.’”

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      It is simpler and a good way to explain the Gospel. It explains not only who Jesus is and what He did for all of mankind but it explains why we need a Savior.

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      Romans Road is simple because it helps you share the gospel message without jumping from one book to another. But with FCA I find using the four in a simple and direct way.

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      FCA uses The Four, which is also a great tool. Ultimately, each approach points out that we are sinful and Jesus came to die and take that sin upon himself. His sacrifice for us is a free gift.

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      It is one great tool. I like to use “The Four”.
      Jesus loves us. (John 3:16)
      Sin separates us. (Romans 3:23)
      Jesus died for us. (John 3:16)
      Will you follow Him?

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      It is manual for sharing gospel, and it it is very powerfull

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      It’s a concise, powerful way to present the Gospel. It says everything it needs to say without overcomplicating it.

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      It’s a great synopsis of the Gospel and uses the best of different chapters as a road map to salvation.
      I like “The Four”.
      Jesus loves us. (John 3:16)
      Sin separates us. (Romans 3:23)
      Jesus died for us. (John 3:16)
      Will you follow Him?

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      The romans Road is a simple way to share the gospel because it lays out versus in numerical order to keep you on track to share what Jesus has done for them. BOOM now go get saved.

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      It helps provide a simple, yet biblical outline for us to have as to how to share the gospel when we’re in conversation with others.

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      Joel Haywood

      It helps a somewhat complicated book (Romans) be boiled down to the simple Gospel message, and helps the listener clearly find their place in the story.

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      It’s using Scripture all from one book and it explains what the problem is and then the wonderful truth that God made a way for reconciliation.

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      It’s thorough, step by step and simple to memorize and remember. I need to refresh my knowledge of the wonderful tool.

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      I love The Romans Road approach. Using the word of God protects us from getting lost in saying unnecessary things. It is much simpler than other things I’ve seen; I’ve also seen other simple approaches.

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      I have learned simpler and more effective ways in my time in ministry. However, the Roman Road is a great place to start for your own personal understanding of the way of salvation through faith in Christ.

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      like the one I use for work more using symbols: a heart, division sign, a cross, and a question mark.

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      Katie Harrell

      It’s easy, but I like the one I use for work more using symbols: a heart, division sign, a cross, and a question mark.

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      It’s simple because it walks the reader right through every aspect of necessity when becoming a Christian.

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      Rom 3:23 All have sinned It is simple & to the point. It’s certainly more simple compared to “evangelism explosion”. I can’t tell you how many steps.
      Rom 6:23 gift of God is eternal life
      Rom 5:8 while we were sinners Christ died for us
      Rom 10:9 declare & believe for salvation
      Rom 10:13 call on His name

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      It lays out a good progression of why we need a savior to how we experience the love of that savior.

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      It’s a few verses that lay out the gospel and it’s easy to walk through with someone. The easiest I have seen is through FCA.
      It is called The Four:
      ❤️ – God loves you
      ➗ – sin separates you
      ✝ – Jesus Christ saved you
      ? – are you interested in knowing more

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      It is a simple progression of biblical truths that leads a person to salvation. I have seen a few others that are equally simple but this is a good one.

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      I have used the Romans Road many times. It is a great tool to help explain the gospel. I typically use testimony, Romans Road, The FOUR, and the Bridge illustration.

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      The Romans Road is Gods Word, it is truth and nothing can be more effective than Gods explanation.

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      Jordan Lozzi

      Because it’s systematic theology at its finest

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      Jordan Lozzi

      Because it’s systematic theology at its finest

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      Actually I think it is because I was told to start at 1st John

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      I love the Romans Road. It is very helpful to sharing the Gospel. The framework of God, Man, Christ, Response has been my go to but many of the verses in the Romans Road are included in explaining the truths about each of those things.

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      that was the first i have seen that. We like the four.

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      The Romans Road simply keeps the key aspects of sharing Christ in focus. This is a snap shot of the big picture. I believe it is important because having this information at the beginning can only help a person start well their journey in Christ. For example, not knowing what the Bible says about sin or repentance only hinders forward movement.

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      The romans road allows us as Christians to be pointed in the right direction or what god wants us to see and how we need to apply it. I am not fimaliar with many others i would have to spend some time studying them to get a better grasp.

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      I have heard the Romans roads in my time in churches. I know they are a very simple way of pointing people to Jesus and they are scriptural based which is what we need to point people to. I believe they are the simplistic way and the easiest way for a person to be shown the Gospel.

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      I think “The Romans Road” is simple in that it covers the truth about sin, the fallen condition of man, the consequence and fate of all us sinners, our need for a saviour, God’s providence in providing a saviour in His Son and the result of His love driven providence which is a relationship with Him in such a way that is laid out plainly and easy to understand. As someone who has found it very difficult to comprehend the message of the Gospel (though I believed it) and who never found a Christian to clearly share it with me, this is by far simpler than other ways that I’ve been exposed to the Gospel.

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      It is a system that makes it easy to remember and it is scriptuarlly based. It takes people directly into God’s word.

      I love the Four from FCA. It is so simple to remember and has an app that will go through more in depth verses.

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      Our Daily Bread
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