How might seeing the battle against sin as a “release” help you to be more effective in providing spiritual direction?

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      There is always the tug of war between the conviction of the Holy Spirit and our weaknesses in Flesh. Until we realized what caused us to die with Christ, we will not be able to let go of its control and live with His resurrection.

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      It produces a fundamental shift in me. I go from trying to deal/fix with behavior to a quiet trust that I am simply a participant with the Spirit to help assist what the Spirit already is doing. It helps me to listen better, to feel less pressure to talk and more comfort with periods of silence and to be very hopeful in the conversation. That hope spills over in what is going on in my interior world and helps me rest in God’s Presence in the person. Less pressure means the individual senses I am not trying to fix but inviting him/her into something that is both hopeful and possible.

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      It will help me stop trying to fix another person and allow the Holy Spirit to work at bringing healing by realizing the good in them.

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      “battle against sin” aka ‘battling for his soul’ is battling in the arena of the flesh dynamics and spirit dynamics.
      Our role is not to fix ‘sin’ – Christ has already “fix it” on the Cross.
      Our role is to release the goodness that is within him (the new heart that is given to him when he receives Jesus into his life). Christ has come to give life, and life in abundance. The resurrected life!

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      I think viewing the battle this way helps us to listen better and be quiet. If we have this view, we will not be quick to try to fix the other person, give them advice, or give them comforting words. It will lead us to be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit.

      It will also allow us to lead the other person to life in Jesus and not death in the desert of trying harder.

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      Cooperating with the Holy Spirit to release what God has already placed in a person, is the goal of providing spiritual direction. It’s not something a person does to another person, it’s watching God work with what he already put in place and the response of the other person to except that love and truth.

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