How might the diversity amongst the Gospels help us to appreciate the diversity of the church?

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      Everyone views the Gospels as a look at who Christ was and His purpose during the time He was on earth. The parables and events are certainly more understandable to the people at that time. It is sometimes difficult for us to interpret the meaning today because we speak and act differently. Society is constantly showing us new challenges. We must realize that those differences and the way we view rely on the Holy Spirit to help us with our understanding. We also must accept and discuss the information with reflection on who we are but not change who He is and who He is telling us to be.

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      Patricia Kasulinous

      The idea that each author saw Jesus from a different point of view and wrote to different audiences shows that God wishes to connect with as many people as possible and not just one. Although we all strive to be like Jesus, each of us has our own perspective on Jesus and this is for the purpose of making disciples of “all nations”. If the gospels were identical then they would not reach a wide audience.

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      Our Daily Bread
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