How might you sense interpersonal pull? How might it feel to resist it? If possible, give an example where you gave in and/or resisted pull in a recent conversation.

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      The conversation was steered towards pulling me to join their camp – a kind of support of their ideology or theology.
      I simply listened. Kept my cool. At appropriate time of the exchange, “enlarge” the perspective/vision ~ stirring a thirst in the person to bigger plan of God that they may want to join in. There was no deliberate attempt to unmask the person, but resisted the pull through returning to first principle.

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      Interpersonal pull is when they are either really nice or complementing to get you to like them or the opposite. I had a student tell me how much my words meant to her and that she appreciated me checking on her. I didn’t realize the depth of the interpersonal pull. I just kind of brush it off or dismiss it or say something like, I appreciate them. I need to say that God directed me and I’m not sure if what I will say is what they always want to hear, but that I’m trying to honor God and respect the journey that they are on. I most give into my sister, because I do not want her to feel alone.

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