How might your experiences in the cycle of spiritual growth help you provide more effective SoulCare?

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      Understanding that life isn’t all about me, self, but about others is the first step in growing closer to God. I’m guided in the Word to think of others as more important than ourself (Philippians 2:3-4). Once I come to terms with this, I can turn from selfish ways and strive for Christ-like behavior, which is the point of abandonment to God. Putting full trust in Him will in time create a confidence so I can talk with people being led by the spirit to move them closer to God. This release will complete the passion to see what’s happening in me and others.

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      Practicing abandonment daily, as a SoulCare giver, helps us to grow in our reliance on God. We are then able to model it to other people in order to encourage them to abandon purposeless “fighting with the windmills” (looking how to fix their problems, finding temporary soltuons, but ultimately still feeling restless, empty and deepy unhappy). If we can show them the great wisdom of “I can’t do this. God can” in our own practice, then they may be drawn to adopt this way of thiking, feeling and living for themselves – acknowledge that things are not working and invite God to intervene and lead one to the bigger vision.

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      The cycle of spiritual growth brings me to a place of dependence on God. I will be far more effective as God’s agent than in my own strengths and ideas.

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      I have learned Gods provision when I was in the valley

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      Being able to learn from my own experiences in knowing that we are all broken and need God’s grace. This will remind us to focus on God and His delivery during the spiritual growth cycle. We will be humbled and be aware that without his mercy and power, we can do nothing. This keeps me grounded and gained confidence overtime to trust in God’s faithfulness and have hope that there will be better outcome beyond my comprehension.

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      It’s inevitable that the people whom we work with will have ups and downs, struggles, doubts, questions, etc. If we are aware, even if we are in a solid place in our confidence in our relationship with God and as we see the move of The Spirit, knowing what it’s like to be in a place of despair or difficulty will help us to enter into our friend’s mess.

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      I think having gone through brokenness, repentance, abandoning myself to God, acknowledging confidence in the fact that He only, has the power to effect real change in the heart, and from that place release what is alive in me into the life of my friend.

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      The more I become aware of my fallen nature and self-centeredness, and take to heart my need for repentance of trying to make life work on my own terms, God will supply me with His grace, which in turn will lead me to surrender and brokenness. As my heart continues to go through the cycle of Spiritual growth, my confidence\\ in myself will diminish as my confidence in God grows. The more I become aware of my “mess” and my “self” moves out of the way, the Spirit will have free movement into my soul and into another’s, as I humbly submit to Him.

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      When you experience brokenness, repentance, abandonment, confidence and release you know that you have changed from living in and emphasizing the external world to the internal one and that God has done a lot of healing and it is He that will heal the person He has brought to you. You will be able to share it more effectively and they will be able to receive it because they will know you can understand and it will make sense. His Spirit bears witness with our Spirit.

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      The cycle draws me out of myself, and draw near to God, and hence in drawing nearer to God who is able, SoulCare is effective not in eliminating the problems, but turning the person to see a larger story than ourselves, a larger Person who is able to provide, a greater purpose to live for – a better hope.

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      The Cycle will help me gage my place to allow the spirit to keep me focused on what it is doing rather than where I am and not pull that place into the process, I will be able to see where I am and progress to the place where I need to be to venture into the soul of both the person involved and myself. It is a useful lens to check the state of my soul, for it is a cycle that repeats itself on all of our Spiritual journey’s

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      As you’ve journeyed through the cycle, and hopefully gained wisdom and insight, it can help you see where the other person is. That will help you to pray and seek the Spirit more effectively. As you listen to the Spirit and His wisdom, you will be able to lean in with the person more effectively.

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      I realize that I can do nothing without God, in my brokenness, I am in need of repentance. In my daily walk with God, on this path of my spiritual journey I learn to rely on God more, and to put my trust in God, and not in others, and then I do not have to worry about impressing others, or pleasing them. The five phases of the Cycle of Spiritual Growth, is brokenness, repentance, abandonment, confidence and release. Also Dr. Larry Crabb talks about and shares the three mistakes to avoid in Soul Care: Retreat, Advise, Empathize. We all are fallen image-bearers of God, we need to depend more and more on God and not on ourselves.

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      It helps me to realize how broken I am, my need for repentance and that I only grow as I abandon the idea that I can do anything without God. Having my confidence in Him and not myself will equip me to journey with people and release myself from trying to please them or me.

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