How would you define the varying roles of professional counselor, pastor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, spiritual director, and spiritual friend? Where do you fit in?

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      I really don’t see these different roles as doing the same things. As a foundation, I think everyone needs loving, kind, caring friends. A spiritual friend to me would be a true friend that understands the spiritual nature of humans and helps me in my full humanness as an image bearer.

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      Psychotherapists and Psychiatrists are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems for patients and depending on the level of seriousness, can be professional counselors only. Psychiatrists are medical doctors that can issue prescriptions to the patients.

      Pastor many times also takes the role of spiritual director and spiritual friend in providing spiritual direction to people and feeds their spiritual hunger.

      I have a role of providing counselling to the career groups at church, be spiritual friends to many and walk with those who are spiritually hungry.

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      Professional counselor is one who deals with certain emotional disorders. Pastor is one who can listen and guide you in your relationship with God. Psychotherapist one who deals with emotional issues causing physical harm. Spiritual director is one who has been trained and can go deep with you maybe talking at a small group or retreat. Spiritual friend is a friend who turns his/her chair and listens providing soul care in an informal setting.

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      All or some are needed at certain point of the person’s life. All either professional or spiritual can incorporated SoulCare values into their conversation with the person in need.
      I am a counselor, pastor, spiritual director and a friend… in all my role is to show them the way to find their fulfillment in Christ.

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      A psychotherapist and a psychiatrist handle sever psychological issues with a secular therapy approach. They are trained professionals to handle these situations. A professional counselor helps guide, in a secular manner, those who are struggling with psychological or emotional issues. They are trained to handle these situations. A pastor is the leader of a church and a shepherd of people who can help guide people in their spiritual journey. A spiritual director is someone, either professional or non professional (church lay person), who is a guide for a person’s search in their journey. A spiritual friend is someone who is a companion in the journey back to God.

      I fit into the Spiritual Director and Spiritual friend catagories-non professionally (sort of). I work in college ministry, but it’s not really part of my job, but I end up doing it.

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      professional counselor – professional, trained person to help your deal with issues that do not require intense medications or therapies.
      pastor – overseer, teacher, leader of the church and the congregation, can counsel and guide
      psychotherapist – a person trained and licensed in providing therapies for issues with the mind/behavior
      psychiatrist – doctor that can prescribe medications for illnesses of the mind/mental health
      spiritual director – not sure
      spiritual friend – a friend that has a faith base
      Where do you fit in? I am a friend to some and mentor to others that listens and tries to provide care for others.

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