If religious practices and religious ceremonies cannot change the human heart, what or who can? How does this happen?

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      Christ can and wants to change our hearts. This begins at salvation and continues throughout our lives

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      Jesus is the only One who can change the hearts of men. This happens by believing in Christ and becoming a new person through the power of his resurrection.

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      Jesus Christ can change the human heart where religious practice and religious ceremonies cannot. For Jesus to change the heart he must be accepted and acknowledged as living within our hearts.

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      God, the Holy Spirit enters his believes and aides us conforming to the image of God

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      Only Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, can change our hearts. It can only happen through accepting Jesus as our personal saviour.

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      Gildas ange clyve

      Religious practices and ceremonies cannot change the human heart, only Jesus or God can change the human heart. Jesus change our heart when we believe in Him and repent from our sins, and decide to let Him enter our heart. He changes our heart from inside by the power of His Spirit.

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      I really can see that when Jesus changes our hearts after fully submitting our hearts to Him, that we will naturally want to participate in the religious ceremonies as a way to honor our commitment to Him. We have to admit we are flawed and can’t be flawless on our own. We need to recognize that the Risen Christ is our hope for a future in heaven, a place we could never reach without His covering. He is the only One who can get us to a life of peace.

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      Karla Joy

      The only way is Jesus. Jesus is the only one who can save and change us. We have to first acknowledge that we are sinners- we are born by nature into a sin filled world, and we must acknowledge that we can’t save ourselves. We can’t do anything at all on own own. Once we acknowledge our state of being, then call upon the name of Jesus and invite Him into our hearts and our minds – for Him to take over and BE for us, what we can’t be on our own… Believing in the power of His name, we will be saved from hell in eternity. We can’t even take a breath on our own- and when we acknowledge our state of being, that nothing in our environment is in our control- It doesn’t take long to realize that we are destined to die and we need Help to overcome the forces of this world- and once we accept the Living Christ into our hearts, everything changes. Yes, life is hard – but through Jesus we have Hope, and can find rest for our weary souls.

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      Our Daily Bread
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