If Satan or one of his demons were to attack you, what area of your life would be most open to them? How has God helped you win the victory in the face of their attacks?

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      I think that Satan would be most apt to attack me in complacency. It is easy to sit in neutral. Satan knows this. It is to his best interest to keep me in neutral. I must rely on the Lord to keep my eyes focused on Him and constantly seeking and moving toward Him

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      I think through my oldest son. I just continually pray for him and expect God to turn him around

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      I would say the area most vulnerable to attack would be my ability to be a good Mother. God has helped me immensely in this battle by showing up and dispelling the lies of the evil one. He has continued to show me that if HE is the center of the relationship I have between me and my children, that those relationships can never fail. That is a promise!

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