If the virgin birth took place, what would be God’s purpose for Jesus being born in this manner?

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      Jesus was God come down in human form. This is a miraculous birth, and that in itself shows the power of God.

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      First, it had been prophesied that this would happen and since God is not a liar it had to be.
      Second, to show the world for generations to come that by sending his son that he made for this purpose which was to save us from our sins, that HE is still the Great I AM.

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      God chose the virgin birth to show He alone is GOD. He always takes weakness or impossibility and shows HIS ability and power through them. If Jesus had been conceived in the natural way, He would be no different than us in our sin-cursed bodies. God was showing Scripture fulfilled, promises kept, and His power revealed through the virgin birth.

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      So that no one could argue or deny that Jesus is the Son of God since this would be an impossible feat without God making it so.

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      I believe the arrival and conception of Jesus, was the same as his death. The only way he was created was through the hand of God. A young virgin was now pregnant, and had the touch of God laid on her and her life. He was born as human, in a human manner. There was only a manger in a stable, that was not the way a normal king would have been born. He however was not a normal king! He lived his life as a carpenter, he showed no outward appearances of a king. He was to be seen as a normal human, he just had extraordinary jobs to complete.

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      I feel as though God’s purpose for Jesus being born of a virgin and experiencing life as a human man was done partly for us. Though it fulfilled prophecy, it also helped humans to relate to Jesus. Jesus was of human flesh and so he had some shared experiences with the people around Him. Though He was sinless, I believe He gained trust and relationship because He was presented as a human man.

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      The virgin birth of Jesus, being GOD’s son not tracing back to be ADAM’s son, means that God truly entered the world sinless and starting a new creation (cycle). This was God’s purpose.
      In addition, having his son born and humbling himself within humanity was in fulfillment of scripture and part of His rescue plan for us.

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      He wanted to have God/Jesus experience life as a human in the same way that we do.

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      Judith kamugisha

      God’s purpose for Jesus being born in this manner from virgin this prove that Jesus is Hory man is really God.

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      Being born in this manner, (into humanity) would fulfill all the requirements of the law. It also fulfills several prophesies from hundreds of years earlier. It also demonstrated that this was no ordinary man. The virgin birth demonstrates as fully human and fully God He was tempted in all the ways we are, so He understands us better than we do ourselves.

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      God’s purpose for Jesus being born from a virgin is to prove that Jesus is the Messiah, a miracle from God. This also confirms prophesy.

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      God’s purpose is to show the man born is sinless because he came out of laws of human nature to save the world from sin.

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      God’s purpose for Jesus being born in this manner is to prove that He underwent a supernatural conception. By Mary, a virgin, conceiving it points to the fact that the Holy Spirit was present and is part of Jesus. Jesus was conceived free of sin because a man and woman were not involved, but instead the Holy Spirit.

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      I found that this PDF about the virgin birth taking place was rather a difficult read. I cannot believe the distortion that takes place among other believers. Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for our sins so we can go on to live a sinless life. But, in reality this is not really true. As humans, we all sin in some manner. Simply put, Jesus was so dedicated to human kind that all he asked for us, is to love one another for who they are, help one another who needs it and just be a very caring person. You can’t have this without faith and that is belief in God. You really can’t exist without faith. It is supposed to part of us; our soul, so to speak. This explanation did not come easy to me as I see what is happening, today. It would be just so simple if we observed these rules. Jesus was born without sin but died for us, as we have sinned. God is the supreme ruler of all. If the virgin birth of Jesus held this concept, among all believers, we would all be better off. Like I said, previously, it is a hard manner for us to grasp these concepts.

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      God purpose would be for Jesus to be born of the spirit as well as the flesh and to be born as sinless, not conceived from man and woman being intimate.

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      Gods purpose for Jesus being born in this manner is so that Jesus would be the perfect one, without sin so that he could die on the Cross for our sin.

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      So he could be born without sin and experience his creation

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      Fully experiencing and identifying with His creation, at the same time becoming our sinless sacrifice to reconcile humankind to God.

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      It was to show that he was not really from this world, that he did not start out with sin. He was separated from it.

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      It was necessary for Jesus to be born of virgin for the sake of his sinless nature. He did not have a biological earthly father so he did not inherit a sin nature, rather he was the Son of God. It proved he had a heavenly origin and that he existed eternally. It was also important for salvation. Without a perfect, sinless, sacrifice there could be no salvation. Jesus was that perfect sacrifice because he lived a sinless life from the moment of conception. It also made Christ unique. No one else has ever been born in this manner. From the beginning to the end Jesus’ life was a miracle.

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      This was God’s way for Jesus to have two natures–both God and man in one Person.

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      to be born sinless with a purpose

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      Our Daily Bread
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