Imagine a church where you were part of a community of people who journeyed together to God in a way that brought about deep change and growth in your life. What would such a church mean to you?

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      It is hard for me to even imagine how this could take place in a current church setting. Dr. Crabb said: “What would the church mean to you if it described a handful of people who made you feel safe enough to be known without fear of judgment . . . ?” Many churches nowadays seem to be constant places of judgment, judging anyone and anything outside the fence of the tribe. There does not seem to be a desire or even a goal of seeking to enjoy together the “gift of union with God.”

      I think what Dr. Crabb is talking about can only happen in a small loving community of people who are willing to die to self.

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      This paints the vision of what a church of believers should be, helping each other on the pilgrim journey. It’s the family of Christ so that we’re true brothers and sisters.

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      If this described the church then I think what it would mean to me is a place where I would feel so excited, hopeful and grateful to be a part. It would mean a place where the gospel would be seen as not only sufficient to forgive someone of their sins, give them eternal life but also sufficient to effect deep change at the core level. It would be a place less busy and more focused…less frantic and more at rest…less anxious and more confident in what God is gradually doing in the soul of His people.

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      It would be encouraging and challenging and very rare!

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      That would be a church I would go every Sunday, in order to connect with those who have the same love of Christ, and caring and compassionate and also be there when you can be able to be open and honest in your journey of life, without feeling if someone would judge you or condemn you. A church where you would be able to share, trust and pray with those who have a close journey with God. We all have flesh dynamics, we all have fallen short in the Glory of God, and we all need to help each other along the way, with love, and gentleness, so we all can walk closer to God, in the church as well as in the community. It would help me in my life seeing deep change, and also spiritual growth, in others as well.

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      A safe church where everyone is valued as a child of God, made in His image, and yet we recognized that we all still caught in the flesh dynamics. A place where we point each other to the fulfillment of the New Covenant, and help each other walk closer to our Creator.

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      I think this is what the church should be, but I am currently not experiencing this. So, it would be precious to me. It would mean church was a community where we all help each other along our journeys back to God.

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      That type of church would bring life to me in a new way. Fresh hope, consistent love and support, real conversations and real relationships.

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