In commenting on 1 John, Dr. Buzzell said, “If you want to be convinced that you are in Christ, then you have to live the way Christ taught you to live.” Why?

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      As unnatural as it maybe to our fallen humanity, living out the teachings of Jesus and patterning our lives after Him are definite proofs that we truly believe He is the Son of God, the Messiah, our Savior or else why would we want to follow Him? If we don’t believe the teachings of tge Bible, the following after fleshly desires would be our norm.

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      The only way to truly follow Christ is to try to live as he did.

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      If you want to live according to certain way of life, then one must follow standards which meet the particular way of living. Christ paints a beautiful picture of how Christians should live between the pages of the Bible. To fully experience Christianity, one must live according to Word of God and its teachings. If I were to call myself a a Christian but then live according to a doctrine other than the Bible, I would in fact not be in Christ. I would be living according to a set of “rules” that do not necessarily follow God’s ways.

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      A man divided cannot stand. If you are living for God, what this world has to offer means nothing compared to what God is offering in eternal life. If you are living for this world and what it has to offer, then you are not a child of God but a child of the world and it’s leader, Satan.

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      Se la vita di Cristo abita in noi sarà quella vita stessa che testimonierà con l ‘agire.
      Cristo in me è il vero desiderio e la forza di glorificarlo in ogni cosa.

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      Because otherwise you will appear hypocritical. People are watching us. And since we want to bring people to Christ we have to follow His example. Anything else would be my life style. Not His.

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      because only by applying what Christ taught us to our lives shows that we truly accept Crist and His teachings

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      If I want to be convinced that I am in Christ, then I have to live the way Christ taught me to live.
      I have made a commitment to live for Christ. I gave my life to Jesus in 1986. I was a babe in Christ in that year because I was considered a new Christian. Babies need milk in order to get strong bones. They also feed on food that will not choke them. But once they began to grow, they are given stronger food to swallow along with thicker pieces to chew on.
      Well the same example could be used for your spiritual relationship with Christ. During your first year as a new Christian, you may not live your life to the fullest according to the word of God because you need to be taught God’s word. Therefore, you would need to feed yourself with the word every day and get stronger in your spirit as well as apply what you’ve learned. As you apply the word more and more, then you will become convinced that you are in Christ because your actions will speak for you. Your behavior and lifestyle will also display to others that you are living the way Christ has taught you to live.

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      The way I live is the evidence of my salvation in Christ.

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      You have to walk like and talk like it to truly try to achieve it.

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      In everything you say, everything you do, do it in Christ’s image. Living by Christ’s example, as explained in the Gospels leads you to the path of righteousness.

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      If you believe in Jesus but do not live in a Godily way, then you have not truly understood the message of the Gospels.

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