In examining the ministries of Timothy and Titus, we saw that they had different temperaments. What can we learn from this about how God uses different kinds of people?

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      Anyone, anywhere, regardless of a person’s temperament, predilections, personality etc can be used by God for His own purposes.

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      God as our creator develops every aspect of a believer so that we may glorify Him. This includes our temperament. He builds within us a temperament and personality that will enable us to function well in the situations that our ministries may place us in. This links directly to our spiritual gifts , in my opinion. If ministry will require us to have extra humility and patience God will equip us, perhaps in our mother’s womb, with demeanor fitting for our role. The same for those of us who will be cast into bold and decisive leadership role . For others He will demand that we develop a demeanor fitting for the work of our ministry. He is ever at work to equip us to glorify Him

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      Woo seob

      God made us all different voices, different talents, different images, etc. This is because God wanted different people to cooperate and do God’s work. We should respect each other’s differences and help each other.

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      Our differences is not limitation but our strength and unique to serve God

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      Timothy is young so Paul urged him to be strong and not timid, and Titus is a seasoned minister and Paul urged him to preach against false teaching strongly. Both are to stand firm in their faith. God makes us with different gifts and temperaments and place us in different situations so that we can grow in our faith. It is not who we are but who God is, the truth and grace to everyone who seeks and loves him.

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      God has given each of us our own unique spiritual gifts and no two people are the same. Timothy was a young disciple of Paul and Paul taught him that he needed to be strong and not timid in his ministry and yes there may be difficult times but stay strong and faithful to God’s Word. Titus was strong and Paul explained to Titus that he must be able to rebuke the Crete’s sharply as they were known to be very rebellious people. Paul did not favor one over the other he just explained to both Timothy and Titus that leaders must examine how willing they are to be devoted followers of our Lord so that there may be difficult times but stay strong and faithful to God’s Word.

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      God made us all differently and he can use all of our differences in positive ways.

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      This shows that God can use anyone to spread the gospel.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      God uses all types of people to reach all types of people.

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      God gives each of us different gifts to come together as one body to perform his work.

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      It takes different people to reach different people for the kingdom of God. Everyone has value.

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      Everyone is valuable to God in the work of calling the believers to Christ and in building the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Everyone has temperaments, experiences and skills that are beneficial in some way to the ministry. A Christian grandmother could be well suited to minister to a group of young moms, a women with compassionate interpersonal skills and a spirit of hospitality would be a great leader for a ministry that walks beside women who have strong church hurts. The list is endless. We all can minister to someone that needs the support and encouragement of our unique skills and personalities.

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      God doesn’t call us to a specific personality type. He calls us to be people who love and obey him. The expression of that love and obedience is as diverse as the people God calls.

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      God chooses different types of people to do different types of jobs because not just one type of people can do everything. A drug addict is not going to listen to someone who has never done drugs a day in their lives

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      Since humanity is comprised of different personalities and temperaments, God chooses people that have different personalities to minister to the various groups. Often We find that we are “attracted” to certain styles of ministers more than others because we relate to them better than others. Of course, that doesn’t mean that one style is better than another.

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      No matter what your temperament is, no matter what your social standing is, no matter whether you are rich or poor, God can use anyone who truly turns himself/herself over to God, prays for God’s wisdom and leadership and then follows where God leads him/her.

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      God equips the saints to do His work in specific ways and regions so that new believers are taught in ways that best fit their way of learning. If the gift of teaching was standardized people from different ethnic groups would not be able to understand God’s truth.

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      God uses different kinds of people to convey His teachings. The uniqueness that each of us are blessed with speaks to a variety of audiences. If we were all the same, then only the “same type of audience” would be taught. For example, there are many different types of coaches. Some coaches are very strict, others are more compassionate, some teach my example, while others excel at lecturing. Each type of coach speaks to a specific type of athlete. Athletes are able to perform optimally when they are coached by the person that connects with them.

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      God uses each person’s unique skills and gifts to minister to the diversity of his creation. Many parts, one body.

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      God knows our weaknesses and He will allow things to happen to strengthen us. Sometimes, God will take us out of our comfort zone to grow in faith. The trials and tribulations we go through are to prepare us to help someone else. Believers are used in many different ways to save souls and to glorify Him.

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      Dio sa sovranamente come affidare compiti a qualsiasi componente del corpo di Cristo coinvolgendo la loro personalità

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      No matter what you bring to the table, if you are willing God can use you to build His kingdom. He can use you to bring people like you into the fold of His church and bless others.

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      We learn that God can use anyone. Young or old. Experienced or novice. God will use us where we are in life. He knows how to reach us. It also shows that we all matter to Him. There’s no hierarchy with Him. We are all part of His Kingdom.

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      Temperement allows ministers of the word to be able to rely on God’s wisdom and annointing in teaching believers the word of God. He reminds Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:7 that he was given not a spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind. On the other hand he reminds Titus to be faithful to God and his teaching.

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      Timothy and Titus had different temperaments. God uses different kinds of people just as he used Timothy and Titus, He can use us even though we have different temperaments.
      As Christians we don’t always operate in a spirit of self-control Sometimes we may unknowingly speak too soon and too quickly hurtful someone’s feelings. We can also harm others with anger words or selfish decisions. Our temperaments can display a spirit of humility, joy, love, peace, etc. The temperament in which God want to see is the fruit of the spirit.
      Even when we sin, God forgives of and continues to love us.
      With all of our different backgrounds, race, color, or nationalities, God uses us and can get glory out of our lives.
      Let’ keep our spirits healthy for God. Make room for Him to get some glory out of our lives.

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      It certainly shows how God knows each of us, how he loves each of us, and how he uses his willing followers to minister to others.

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      God creates all so we must be tolerant for all.

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      As a teacher I have learned that all students have different learning styles, which need different temperaments of their teachers. Timothy was sent to a place where his word was calm and a bit passive, and it spoke to those who learned in that manner. Titus’s word was meant to teach those who needed a more assertive leader and teacher. God places people where their strengths are needed.

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      God wants His Word read, understood and followed by all of His people. Timothy may not have been assertive enough to handle the people of Crete.
      Likewise, Titus may have been too aggressive for the people of Ephesus. God knows each of us like no other. We may think we know what we want, but God knows exactly where we should be.

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      Our Daily Bread
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