In his book Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis points out that when someone makes the kinds of claims that Jesus made you can’t simply consider him a good moral teacher. He never left that option open to us. So He is either the Lord, a liar, or a lunatic. Do you agree with this line of reasoning? Why?

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      I do agree with C.S. Lewis because Jesus made some remarkable claims.

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      Absolutely agree. There have been many people claiming to be God on earth. Most were diluted, power-hungry lunatics like Jim Jones, Charles Manson or the like. When someone claims deity, they are one of the three: liar (in it for money or deceit) lunatic (Manson, Jones etc) or Lord (Jesus). Christ is the only one whose actions, motives and outcomes checked every box to be Lord.

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      I agree with the line of thinking presented in C.S. Lewis’s book, Mere Christianity, that based upon his claims Jesus was either, “the Lord, a liar, or a lunatic”. However, based on his words and actions, I also feel that Jesus was a good moral teacher.

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      I agree with this statement. You can’t say someone is a “good teacher” if their teachings aren’t valid or don’t work…..that’s contrary to the statement! If Jesus states He is God, then He must be that or the opposite, which amounts to nothing.

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      I agree because Jesus made some very strong claims about his connection to God. Also, he knew so much about God from an early age as noted in the Bible when he speaks with the scribes in the temple as a child.

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      It’s very logical to agree if is Jesus christ a good moral teacher, a liar or a lunatic but according to the scripture Jesus christ is a good moral teacher I believe so how can he be liar or lunatic at the same time, sometimes this goes against what attributes of God mean.

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      I agree with C.S. Lewis. Jesus is either the Son of God or He is a liar and a lunatic if He isn’t. There is too much evidence in the Bible for me to not believe.

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      Yes, because if someone us considered a good moral teacher than how can they be good and moral and a liar or lunatic. This goes against what good and moral mean

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      I agree with C.S. Lewis as you either consider Jesus one way or the other. If He is the true God, then He is. If He is not, then He is either a liar or a lunatic. There is too much evidence in the Bible, Science, Archaeology, etc. that supports His claims.

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      This is completely logical. If you take all the Jesus said you must consider that he was either right or he was wrong. If he’s right then he is God. If he is wrong then he is just crazy.

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      Yes, I agree. A liar or lunatic would not have evidence to back up their claims. The Bible, other historical records, and archeology has confirmed and provided evidence of Jesus’s claims that He is Messiah.

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