In order to avoid the direction that secular SoulCare has already taken, Dr. Crabb desires to see three things happen to spiritual SoulCare in this century: Deprofessionalize SoulCare. Nudge economics to the side. Repersonalize SoulCare by putting it back in the church Respond in your own words to each of these desires. Do you see them as important? Why or why not?

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      I think what Dr. Crabb is saying is that a core need is to be part of a community that has as its purpose and effect union with God and others, an “intensely soul-to-soul connecting.” This is hampered by a professional, depersonalized, profit-based model.

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      This may help to take away some of the fear that people may have of feeling not qualified to provide the care and support. Repersonalize SoulCare is also an awakening call to let us face the needs and hunger of the hearts that only God can satisfy, the outward behaviours are reflection of inner desires. Until people returns to God, none of the secular counselling will work.

      This is a real burden for all to take on and not just leave it up to the pastors or professional people if we care enough for our brothers and sisters and their spiritual healthiness.

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      Professionalism has ‘redefine’ the role of a pastor as a service-provider, than a shepherd. Does a shepherd need an academic qualifications to care and communicate?
      Economics – sadly sadly even pastoral counseling is seen as a means to make money – either the course, or the job.
      Depersonalized has reduced church members as a ‘data.’ Decision-making is based on ‘efficiency’ rather than compassion.

      Deprofessionalize, Nudge economics, repersonalize Soul Care is the way to go – I hope this can be recognized by the church as a life-long learning.

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      Deprofessionalize soulcare: This is a relief to me because I have a huge heart to provide soulcare, but am not in the place to get a bunch of professional certifications. I just hope others will recognize my value. Certifications seem to make people more trustworthy in our society.

      Nudge economics to the side: Again, it is a relief. I do not want money to rule my ministry. It’s a struggle because there is a growing movement of Christian entrepreneurs who believe it is biblical to monetize any service you can provide, even spiritual. That mentality frustrates me-what about the people who can’t afford it?

      Repersonalie Soulcare by putting it bac in the church: I think this is important for the church to be the church. I think it has been professionalized because people are not finding it in their church and have to loo elsewhere.

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