In response to Dr. Paul Brand’s statement, would you exchange your freedom to choose in order to enjoy freedom from pain?

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      It would be right ot have the freedom of choice than to live a life without any choices

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      I cannot imagine not having free choice, the agony over never being truly free, what an awful, robotic, sensless life. We can learn so much more about ourselves through our pain and suffering, building character and hopefully a better person because of it. No, I do wish any of pain on anyone and I could use a little less than what I have experienced. But it has brought me closer to God and made me more in awe of Him when it does happen

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      There are times when I think I would. I know the man in the video said no one has ever chosen that, but if I could choose to lose my freedom and never cause another person pain or feel pain wouldn’t it be worth it? Plus, if I give my freedom to God, who is a good God, then wouldn’t he always choose good for me? Making choices is a constant burden when we make the wrong ones. So, is choosing no freedom the same as choosing perfection? The downside is that no freedom would also equal no relationship.

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      Although having no pain would be wonderful, having no freedom of choice would take the joy out of our lives as well. I wouldn’t want to live a life where every step is directed.

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      That is a huge question to ponder. While I would love to be pain free, not having the freedom to make choices would change who I am completely. I think we call those robots. Pain is essential to helping us make good choices while still having the freedom to make the choice.

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      That is the question isn’t it. Because while it is in human nature to want freedom, it is also in our nature in the way every part of our body functions to avoid pain. So weighing these is impossible and if God really is in control of everything to what extent to we actually have a choice, because if we also believe that God works all for good for His people then even our bad choices will some how end up fulfilling the will of God. If that is the case then of course I choose no pain. On the other hand as someone already said pain can also be part of our journey and be a catalyst for making us who we are today. There is no easy answer.

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      I would not choose freedom from to choose over freedom of pain. Having someone choose every path for us would ultimately take away our freedom to serve God. Not having that hope of something much better would crush us as a people and lead us to more suffering beyond pain. Not being able to serve our God and live life through would not be something I would choose.

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      No, the freedom to choose and weigh the consequences of our actions is vital to what sets us apart as humans.

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      No, the freedom to choose is what allows us to truly enjoy relationships.

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      I would not exchange my freedom. It’s probably easier to say right now in my life, when I’m not experiencing extreme pain, but I’ve sometimes thought and witnessed how God can use our pain for our good and His glory. I think sometimes the only way we get on our knees and acknowledge God is because we suffer. The Bible says in one of the gospels that Jesus’ disciples wanted to know if the blind man sinned or his parents. Jesus answer to them was neither and that it happened so the works of God would be displayed in him.

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      No. It is in our human nature to want freedom and to have a choice. I also think that being able to experience pain separates us from the Almighty and powerful Being of God.

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      No, in fact, I believe the mere ability to feel pain is what makes us human and allows us to accept we are chosen.

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      No. Pain made me who I am today. My eyes are open to see God’s mercy through every pain I’ve experienced. If there were no consequences to my bad choices, I would never know wrong from right ever.

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      Loss of the freedom to choose essentially makes man a mere robot. Meaning is lost in even the dearest of actions, because they were not by choice. Pain can be learned from and used for future good.

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      This is an interesting question. While I enjoy the freedoms of choice, I often feel like I just want God to tell me what to do..I want to know the future and that it will be what is best. I also know that through our free choice we grow. Without free will we would not truly love God because we are obeying because we have no choice. True love comes from the freedom to choose to love.

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      This makes me think of when I came to Christ and how in that moment I was asked by a friend (a coworker actually who happened to be a pastor) why I thought that I had managed to be successful in life even though many of the things I described to him from the first 20 years of my life were painful. I see so much good coming out of that pain now (but I did not see it then, of course). Without that pain and trouble I would not be who I am (sounds like a cliche, but it is true). I would not be the leader I am. I would not be as fit as a I am. I would not be the father that I am. I would not be the husband I am. Was the pain and suffering hard? Of course. Did I enjoy it? Of course not! But the freedom I had that led to the pain has allowed me to appreciate all that God has done for me that much more. So, no, I would never trade my freedom to choose in order to enjoy freedom from pain.

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      I can agonize over a decision on what to buy at McDonalds. So at times I have wished for someone to make any decision for me so I don’t make a wrong choice. Yet I suspect that ceding such control to another person would lead to conflict and a desire to rebel. Ultimately, I think we all want to be like Pinocchio when he declared, “There are no strings on me.” Free will includes the freedom to choose unwisely, yet it remains the only way we can truly choose to love God freely and unforced.

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