In the interview with Chaim Richman, he was quoted as saying, “If we want to define what Jewish history is really all about, the existence of the Jewish people is in itself the greatest proof that God exists.” How could he make such a claim?

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      The existence of the Jewish people and all of the struggles that they have endured shows us much. God is continually working through the Jewish people all through history. God reveals Himself through the prophecies of the Old Testament. His chosen people have bore witness to His works on Earth. Their very existence is proof that God exists.

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      I believe that Chaim Richman can claim that Jewish history and the existence of Jewish people can be looked at as proof that God exists. The OT shares the history of the Jewish people. Throughout those historical event, Jewish people came up against slavery, oppression, and attempted genocide…but he delivered and sustained them.

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      The Jewish people served as proof and witness to the fulfilment of many prophecies from the Bible.

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      God showed himself throughout Jewish’s people along time ago, Jewish history demonstrates how God was working and working these days, God demostrated his mercy, love and kindness to his people through the history of Jewish.

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      Chaim Richman could make such a claim because Jewish people have endured for ages. They are God’s chosen people and there have been many instances throughout history where God uses them and works through them. For example, God worked through Moses to free the Jews from Egypt. Basically, the story of Exodus is a triumph of the Jewish people and their walk with God. As time progressed, we can see other instances come up where God is working through Jewish people. During the dark times of the Holocaust, certain people tried to wipe out “God’s chosen people” but yet they did not succeed. There is a continuous Holy War going on in the Middle East over the Promise Land. Time and time again, God is lifting up Jewish people.

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      The Jewish people could make such a claim because all throughout Jewish history you see how God is working through the Jewish people.

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      The fact that almost all ancient civilizations have tried to wipe out the Jewish empire and have failed and the teachings have gone unchanged shows that Jesus came to save all of humanity.

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      The Old Testament, the history of the Jewish people, really is about God reaching to man to redeem. With the coming of Messiah, Jesus is the bridge from God to rescue all of mankind, Jewish or Gentile alike.

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      I believe the claim has to do with the fact that the Jewish people even after centuries are pretty much untouched. All the strife in Israel and the powers against them and yet they are still here preserved waiting for the coming of Christ, and for me that would the second coming.

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      I do not recall seeing or reading an interview with Chaim Richman so this question is difficult to answer. My guess is that people have continually tried to wipe the Jewish people off the face of this earth. There should probably be no remnant of them left. They continually walked through a cycle of obeying God, then forgetting God and rebelling against him, repenting to avoid calamity, and turning back to God. God rightfully should have been fed up with them. Yet they are his chosen people who he loves and he is patient with them and protects them. The fact that they are still preserved on the earth is a testimony to the God who calls them his own and has preserved them.

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