In the video presentation, Alice Mathews said, “But what is striking to me is as I look in the gospels, is the fact that even though the religious leaders of the day criticized Jesus soundly for breaking the Sabbath, for drinking too much wine, for associating with all the wrong people, tax collectors and other disreputable types, at no point was there any hint that anything improper took place. Jesus’ relationships with women, while He was warm and caring, nevertheless always were conducted in ways that were completely without reproach.” What is your reaction to this statement? Do you agree or disagree? Why? How would you respond to someone whose view is different than yours?

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      My reaction is that I am satisfied with this statement. I agree with this statement, because this statement is similar to words in the holy bible. If someone view is different than my; view, “I would politely say I do not agree with you.

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      I actually have opportunity to teach about how Our Lord related to women and I always tell them “Jesus liberated me.” He set me free and there is nothing I would not do for Him. There was not even a hint of anything inappropriate in the love Christ had for the women in His life and the Love He has for me. He is my Bridegroom and I am His Bride. This speaks of Jesus and His relationship to His church transcending anything earthly or worldly. The Love of Jesus the Christ. It just can’t get any better!

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      I agree with the statement. In today’s world, we often look for “something” between a male and a female. Our world needs the drama and gossip. The question of impropriety would not have been asked several decades ago. Jesus had a mission and Mary was a follower. No more than that. Simple.

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      I would agree. Jesus came to heal the lost and broken. That meant reaching those of society that others rejected

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      I agree with Alice Mathews. The religious leaders were trying to figure out Jesus and what he stood for. Many of them could not see past their own perceptions of who the Messiah was or is to see that He was standing in front of them, so they needed to question Jesus. In my response to a person’s different view, I would respond kindly and listen to their standpoint. I would try to behave and speak as Jesus did in the scenario played surrounding the quoted text above. That is pretty much the premise and point of WWJD right?

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