In the video presentation, Dallas Willard said, “All of the teachings of Jesus were predicated on the idea that the world we live in is a perfectly safe place for us to be—perfectly safe. But that was all predicated on the idea that we are indestructible beings who live in the hand of God, so that as Paul says, ‘Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. In everything that happens we are more than conquerors.’ ” How does the Christian view of God’s love affect not only our destiny after death but also in this earthly life?

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      God’s love for me and everyone else is everything. For when I die, I know I am getting into heaven, but my earthy life is that much better knowing God loves me. I am preparing for heaven on earth knowing God’s love. Am I perfect? No, but life is so much better

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      Imagine the life of someone who knows that their eternity in heaven cannot be taken away from them. If they life their life according to Jesus’ calling for them, imagine what that looks like. That’s what we are all called to as believers.

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      The Christian view of God’s love affects not only our destiny after death but also in the earthly life because as we enter into relationship with Him it is ideal that we spend so much time with God (studying, praying) that His will becomes our will. So, as we live our earthly life we can walk confidently knowing that we are dearly loved and that nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus.

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      God’s love it affects us because we know our God loves unconditionally and he will not let us disappear no matter what, that’s why Paul says nothing can stop us from the love of christ even death why its because we will be with him forever in eternity.

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      Knowing that God loves me unconditional and that His word is true is all the assurance I need in this earthly life and my destiny after death is promised through Jesus Christ resurrection.

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      Knowing that God loves me more than any one, and I do feel loved, gives me strength to go through tough times. His love assures me that when I come to see him face to face, all will be perfect. The love, peace, joy, wisdom, understanding and tearless existence in heaven encourages me to prepare myself and my soul to be with God.

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      Know God loves us makes us love others and that we do what we can do to make earth a better place. We also know that when things go wrong that we can rely on Him to help us through it.

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      Because the only way we can go to heaven is to have a strong relationship with him , and follow his commands. If we live for God our life will full of joy that we are doing his what he has commanded us to do which is spread his word, and there will challenges but God does that to test us thats why we have to trust him.

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      It affects us because we know we have a God that loves and will not let us go. We will be with him for eternity

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