In the video presentation, Mart De Haan said, “According to The Da Vinci Code, Constantine commissioned and then financed his own version of the Bible that downplayed the human traits of Christ and embellished those stories that portrayed him as divine.” What do you do when you hear a truth-claim about history that you are not sure of?

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      When I hear a truth-claim about history that I am not sure of I collect my own information about the truth-claim to insure me.

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      I really like to study history, in fact I write “just-for-fun novels which are fiction but I do a great deal of historical research because it is important to me to report history as it happened and to be as objective as possible, which isn’t always easy, but if in the course of reading an historical novel I tend to do as much reading into the facts as I do reading the book itself. I love the Bible so much that I have sworn that I will never “play fast and loose with it” and I use my books to teach from Scripture and everyone who knows me know that I only speak Truth…which has gotten me into some great discussions.

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      Research–It seems like in today’s world, people take any and everything that they hear through word of mouth or social media as fact. In order to make intelligent decisions, one must research and critically think through claims.

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      I would research it, not take someone’s opinion as fact

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      If somebody states anything about things I hold to be true, I check them on it. I do research, I ask those who are experienced in the topic etc. Once I have enough solid consistent information, I conclude that either I am correct in my original position or that I am wrong.

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