In the video presentation, Mart De Haan said, “According to The Da Vinci Code, Constantine commissioned and then financed his own version of the Bible that downplayed the human traits of Christ and embellished those stories that portrayed him as divine.” Why would today’s public be willing to deem feasible the allegation that Constantine sponsored his own Bible?

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      Much to my amazement, having been raised a professing Christian in a wonderful and faithful Christian family , to becoming increasingly aware that even those who are in supposedly Christian churches all around me have taken on a stance of entitlement and gullibility that allows them to have such an “open mind” that anything can fall in,as long as it bolsters their own beliefs that they are “special” and that they “are so important in the kingdom that they don’t have to follow Scripture anymore but can “make it up as they go along”. Thus, anything they see on the internet or in movies or on TV or read, such as “historical” novels have to be more “true than Scripture,- which of course is outdated.”
      I sincerely believe that many of my so-called “Christian” friends would be alright with Constantine “playing politics with Scripture as long as it got him what he wanted – power and money.”
      God help us.

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      Power. No desire to have to follow “rules” of a deity.

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      Lack of knowledge

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      Plenty of people do things like this in today’s world in various ways. It would be easy to see this taking place, but people of today don’t recognize how difficult that would be in old times to do. People today are are able to see that those with power can and do change what they want, as seen in governments around the world.

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