In the video presentation, Paul Maier described what would have been the account if Peter and the other disciples had invented the resurrection story. They, not the women, would have been the first eyewitnesses. What do you think of Paul Maier’s conclusion concerning the witness of the women?

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      I think of Paul Maier’s conclusion concerning the witness of the women is similar to the words of the bible about the witnessing of the women.

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      As I woman, I have to tell you that this part of God’s plan for the Resurrection just makes me feel so special because, in truth, God knew how women were treated and mistreated then and it was just like Him to give women a central role in the Resurrection truth. The disciples would never have done that in a fabrication of the resurrection story because no one in authority would have listened to the tale at all coming from a woman.

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      I agree. Women’s statements would not be dependable in those times so Peter and the disciples would not have chosen the women to be the first to see Jesus alive.

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      I believe that statement to be true. Women’s testimony wasn’t credible at that time, so his message wouldn’t have held water

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      It is interesting how this lesson that only has used male scholars points out the importance of women only when it is convenient to this lesson.

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      Based on what has been stated in this course and others that I have taken, women in general were not seen as credible sources or of importance for being sources of information. This perspective is still held by a lot of people around the world, even though it is an incorrect position to take towards women. It would be the death of the story at that time, unless it is just a telling of what happened, to have the women be the first to witness rising from the dead (out of the tomb). Therefore, the manner of the record is true.

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